Jason Kidd Wants Nets Coaching Job

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Blog Photo - Jason Kidd Wants Nets Coaching Job

Newly retired and guaranteed Hall of Famer, Jason Kidd, wants to take his high basketball IQ from the playing floor to the coaching bench, as soon as next season. 
One source said that, "Jason feels he's really ready to do this."
The only thing that hurts Kidd’s credibility as a head coach at this point, is that Kidd not only has zero head coaching experience, but he has zero assistant coaching experience.  However, Kidd has already received endorsement from arguably the best coach in the league - Gregg Popovich.

"When you've played for a number of coaches, he's pretty much seen everything that the NBA can offer," Popovich said. "So he does have experience. If he's crazy enough to want to be a head coach in this league, I wish him all the best.  He certainly has the intuitive skills to know what's going on out there. Obviously, he would be able to have relationships with the players that he's had with his coaches throughout. So if that's what he wants to do, and that's who [the Nets] want to hire, I think he's got an opportunity and a possibility to be really, really good at it."
Kidd has always been a functional second coach on the floor, so if he is able to transfer his play making abilities from the playing floor to the white board, look for Kidd’s first team to not only have great perimeter defense, but a great passing offense as well.
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