Jason Reid column about John Wall and tattoos misses the mark

Hey look: Another old guy talking about tattoos in sports!

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Blog Photo - Jason Reid column about John Wall and tattoos misses the markIn an interview on the Dan Patrick Show, Washington Post columnist Jason Reid says that his column about John Wall wasn't really about tattoos, but rather about the way Wall went back on what he said earlier in his career.

Originally, Wall projected a squeaky clean image, even going so far as to say that he didn't have any tattoos because he wanted to be more marketable.

That was around when he was drafted #1 overall by the Wizards.

Recently, Wall posted a picture of himself on Instagram with several large tattoos on his torso. Has he changed his mind about his marketability? Or, like Reid says, is he not to be trusted now?

Reid argues against giving Wall a max contract for several reasons, including his play on the court. That's perfectly reasonable, because when you look at point guards with max contracts, Wall doesn't really match up to their skill level.

The rest of Reid's column, however, shows an incredible lack of perspective.

As much as Reid wants to claim that his column wasn't about tattoos, that's simply not an honest evaluation.

There's an easy explanation for Wall's supposed "flip-flop," if you even want to call it that. He wanted a clean image going into the league, when he had the most to gain (or lose) on his way into the league. Now that he has a few endorsements, a sneaker deal, and is pretty well known, he doesn't need to be quite as concerned with things as mundane and commonplace as tattoos.

Reid, however, wants to pretend that Wall is suddenly untrustworthy because he changed his mind on something that realistically doesn't even matter anyway.

Maybe it's time for sportswriters, particularly those over 50 years old, to stop writing about tattoos.
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