Jason Terry Believes that Jeremy Lin is a result of DíAntoniís system

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I sincerely dislike the opinion when some players in the league are branded as “System Players” as lets be reasonable here, every player that you watch play is a player in some sort of a system.
There is no player out there that just gets a pat on the back by his coach and is told to go play ball, obviously everyone is trained and follows a set of rules and instructions in an already structured system.
Everyone has a system, just like Phil Jackson had a system and Mike D’Antoni has his own system now, the point is that Phil Jackson’s system worked so well as it had players like Shaq, Pippen, Kobe and Jordan in it.
Numerous team and coaches have tried to try on the handle of the “Triangle system” and a lot of failed at it and Mike D’Antoni’s system is no exception, and this is why Jason Terry had a lot to say about it.
Asked how much of Lin’s historic, hellacious success has been a product of New York Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni’s renowned offensive system, Terry told Yahoo! Sports, “To me, it’s 100 percent what it is.”
Before long, Terry stopped and corrected himself.
“Ninety-five percent,” he said.
“If you play 46 minutes (a game) in this league, you have an opportunity to put up some nice numbers,” Terry said. “Again, it is what it is. He’ll have to maintain this pace. It’s going to be tough. Ask anybody: Give them an opportunity, ball in their hands, 20-plus shots and you better do something.”
“It wouldn’t have happened elsewhere,” Terry said. “He was in (Golden State and Houston) and it didn’t happen. He wasn’t given the opportunity in those places, or with those systems. He probably didn’t fit. But in this system, he’s perfect.”
The truth is that Jason Terry does sound really bitter here and if the system really had been that easy then players like Shumpert or Douglas would have blown up in the system. But it does not always work like that because no matter how great the system is, it cannot work without equally perfected players.
Numerous fans believe that the reason that Jeremy Lin did not shine in the Golden State warriors is because he was never given the opportunity.
Still regardless of how perfected the team’s system is, if a player is a failure then he will obviously fail the system. Still a lot of credit is needed to be given to Jeremy Lin as he brought back the Knicks to the very top using the Kobe system.
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