Jason Varitek should not be the next Red Sox manager

Red Sox outsider attempts to come up with a solution for the Sox, fails miserably

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Blog Photo - Jason Varitek should not be the next Red Sox managerI'm sure Joel Sherman of the New York Post means well. When he sat down at his computer to write today's column, he probably thought he was producing something worth reading. I'm willing to bet that he might even think that he produced a quality, thought-provoking piece about the Red Sox' problems, and one possible solution.

The problem is that Sherman's "solution" is pretty much the worst idea anyone has come up with since parachute pants.

Sherman's idea to help resurrect the Red Sox is to insert former catcher and team captain Jason Varitek into the manager's slot.

Some of his justifications behind this idea: The Yankees did it, with their former catcher Joe Girardi at the helm. Also, he says that Varitek brings credibility back to the job. Also, (somewhat) recent players Mike Matheny and Robin Ventura have had some success as first-time big-league managers.

Apparently Sherman conveniently forgot the fact that Ventura and Matheny had been out of the game for 5 and 7 years, respectively. There had been enough turnover that they weren't managing a roster filled with former teammates. Sure, there may have been a few, but nothing compared to what there would be in Boston, where Varitek was playing only 11 months ago.

Sherman must have also forgotten that before coming to the Yankees, Girardi did a hell of a job managing an undertalented roster in Florida. It's not like the Yankees handed him the job as a retirement present. Also, many Yankees fans would tell you that Girardi isn't exactly the best game manager in the world.

However, the real problem with Sherman's idea is that he seems to have forgotten that Varitek was part of the problem that still plagues the Red Sox to this day.

In September 2011, when the Red Sox started their downhill slide that has continued this year, Varitek was the team captain.

When Tito Francona completely lost control of the clubhouse, Varitek was the team captain.

Varitek was the guy who was supposed to reign everyone in and restore order, if the manager couldn't do it himself.

Varitek was the guy who was supposed to speak up and let the other players know what needed to happen.

He never did that, so what makes Sherman (or anyone else, for that matter) think that Varitek would be capable of managing this club?

Less than a year ago, these Red Sox players were his buddies. They were in the clubhouse with him, joking around and laughing as peers. Could he really come back so soon as their boss, when he wasn't even capable of assuming a leadership role when he wore the captain's "C" on his chest?

Perhaps someday, when there is an entirely fresh crop of players in the Red Sox clubhouse, Varitek might be able to come back and manage them effectively.

Now, however, is not the time.
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8/19/12   |   NittanyJon   |   246 respect

Parachute pants....that was a good one !!!!

8/18/12   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

Well it's a worth a try, but it really didn't work out.