Javon Walker's Story Refuted By The Bellagio

Javon Walker Is Looking Stupider By The Minute

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Sometimes the idiocy of athletes is truly amazing. Javon Walker has already demonstrated that. Why would you spray people in a club with champagne when that was probably the reason why your former teammate Darrent Williams was killed?

I have no idea.

But now it's getting even stupider. As you know, Walker had his face busted in by a couple of suspects not that long ago right near the Hard Rock Hotel. Well, at least that's what everyone else thinks. Walker, however, claimed that gunmen appeared at his room at the Bellagio later that night, knocked him unconscious, robbed him, and then dragged to him to a car and dumped him in the street back over near the Hard Rock.

Seems like a reasonable claim, right? Well, no, not at all. And apparently Walker also forgot that the Bellagio, one of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas, has security cameras literally everywhere. And needless to say, the Bellagio isn't too pleased with Walker's claim (via Pro Football Talk).
“The facts that have been reported regarding the incident involving Javon Walker are incorrect,” a spokesperson from MGM-Mirage, which owns Bellagio, told KVBC-TV in Las Vegas. “I am unable to provide further detail out of respect for the Metro investigation which is currently underway.”
Just so you know, KVBC also reported that the Bellagio has more than 2,000 surveillance cameras that operate continuously inside and outside the hotel. That must be a shock to Walker. Who ever expected the Bellagio to have security cameras? (Everyone)

Anyhow, it appears more and more likely that Walker is trying to cover his own tracks so he doesn't have to reveal any embarrassing details from that night.

The most logical rumor about what happened to Walker, which has been gaining a lot of momentum, is that a couple of guys saw Walker spraying Dom Perignon, recruited a woman to cozy up to him, then when he got outside, they knocked him out and took his watch and money.

So to review:

1. Walker decided to participate in an activity that previously got a good friend of his killed.
2. He made sure to let everyone know he had a ton of money, thus making him an easy mark for a robbery.
3. He's since lied to police and pissed off a casino.

I'd keep checking off all the other dumb things Walker's done but my wrist would break.

I don't think we'll ever find out what really happened in Vegas with Walker, but whatever the case, it's more than apparent that he's the last person in the world you should ever believe.
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6/21/08   |   bostons_irishmike

I bet he got his degree in basketweaving.

6/21/08   |   bonbonhi

lol I am glad he is a Raider now and outta Colorado!! I just don't know when these guys are gonna learn!!

6/20/08   |   RichmondSpider

Isn't it still illegal to file a false police report... can pro ball players get ANY dumber?