Jay Cutler is back in action, set to start against the Browns

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAbsent from the games for four weeks and missed by the fans and franchise alike, Chicago Bears starting quarterback Jay Cutler has been given the green light by the medical staff and the coaching staff to start against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday. Marc Trestman confirmed the news that the quarterback would play the game.
In his absence, Josh McCown had been p[laying quarterback and was good at it too. He was nominated the NFC Offensive Player of the Week. He led the Bears against the Cowboys to win the game 45-28.
Cutler said that it was good to be back in the game and to play with the team again.
"It is good to be back," Cutler said. "A month out is long. It's a long time. So it felt good to get back out there with the guys and get rolling again."
Trestman described how the Bears arrived at the decision to turn back to Cutler.
Trestman explained that the Bears weren’t just rushing Cutler back on field but had carefully monitored his recovery and wanted him to be totally recovered and fit to play before he would step back in his position.
"Our plan all along has been to allow him to get healthy. He was released by the doctors before yesterday,” Trestman said.
Trestman said that they tried Cutler under the strain of everyday routine and practice before clearing him for the match. All that was to ensure they weren’t rushing him and he was really ready.
“I still wanted to give him the opportunity and our staff to work him out vigorously and have him burst and move and do sudden footwork and climb the pocket and do those kinds of things and he did it very effectively yesterday,” Trestman said. “He threw the ball very effectively yesterday. And he came up this morning and there were no residual issues. No swelling. There was nothing there at all.”
Cutler said that he was totally prepared for the game even though he had missed almost a month due to his ankle injury.
"We're knocking it off in practice. I don't think we have a lot of room for me to be rusty out there."
Cutler also praised McCown for his performance as a quarterback in his absence.
“Josh has played really well,” Cutler said. “I'm happy for him. If there's anybody that deserves it, it's him in this locker room and in this team.”
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Yeah! Is he staying in Chicago?