Jay Gruden as head coach wise choice by Washington Redskins

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsOn Thursday the Washington Redskins decided that they would break from a monotonous tone of hirings and do something different when they decided to make jay Gruden their head coach. From the time that Daniel Snyder bought the Redskins franchise in 1999 this would be the eight head coach since then. But the thing different about this hiring is that it is the first time that the Redskins have chosen to take in a coordinator currently with another franchise in the NFL who is highly regarded as a talented coach with much talent to evolve into a good head coach. By all standards, hiring Gruden as a head coach is a positive decision.
Gruden was previously the offensive coordinator of the Cincinnati Bengals and was highly regarded by many other franchises. He was respected for the talent he packed and many other teams were looking at him to raise him to the same position of a head coach that the Redskins were looking at. Tennessee Titans, Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions and the Redskins were all in the chase to hire him. When he was at the Arena Football League and United Football League he racked experience as both head coach and office jobs. He has a diverse experience in all aspect of controlling a team and will do well with the Redskins. Bengals coach Marvin Lewis gave his opinion that Gruden was ready to take on the job as a head coach.
“Jay has already done it. He’s been a head coach. He’s been a general manager. It was a different league, I know. But he’s run the whole thing. He knows how to put it together,” he said. “He’s a football junkie. He knows what he wants and how to bring it about. He’s excited. I can hear it in his voice.”
Gruden in his playing days was himself a quarterback so he has a lot to offer to developing quarterback talents. This goes extremely well with the Redskins franchise who have Robert Griffin III, a quarterback prospect who can easily evolve into a top notch NFL QB if trained right. Lewis said that Gruden’s hiring would be extremely beneficial for Griffin.
“He sees offensive football through the eyes of the quarterback. That’s very beneficial. He’s basically playing the game with them, through them,” Lewis said. “I think that’s helped Andy so much. Jay really understands offensive football from the quarterback’s standpoint.”
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