Jay-Z to Become NBA Agent

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Blog Photo - Jay-Z to Become NBA Scout

The Brooklyn Nets may be losing the face of their franchise.  And no, it’s not Deron Williams.  It’s Jay-Z.   Jay-Z is selling his stake with the Brooklyn Nets in order to become a NBA agent.  It is against NBA regulations for agents to have any stakes with any teams, therefore, Jay-Z will have to sell his .067% with the team to pursue this new endeavor. 
The Nets should be fine without the presence of Jay-Z, since Jay-Z has already established and re-branded the Nets with a sense of coolness and hipness.  However, if you ask the Net’s, they know how much Jay-Z brings to the their franchise.
"It would be disappointing [if he left]," Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo said. "I'd be disappointed. He had an enormous amount to do with the rebranding of the team. I wasn't close to it at all, but from what I've seen, it would be hard to overstate his importance in this all. I like his involvement in the team; he's at the games, and maybe he's around more than I realize behind the scenes. But he's an excellent fan, one that wasn't just around this year, but a lot in the past too, which is very telling to me."
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He'll be at the games as agent Jay Z.. now with a hand out...