Jeff Gordon pranks Jalopnik writer
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Jeff Gordon knows how to get revenge

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Blog Photo - Jeff Gordon pranks Jalopnik writerJeff Gordon has had revenge on his mind for a while now.

Not in a malicious sense, of course. Jeff's a pretty nice guy.

But when a Jalopnik writer wrote a long, detailed takedown of a Pepsi Max commercial starring Gordon, the gauntlet was thrown down.

Gordon had to respond somehow, and that's exactly what he did.

Jalopnik blogger Travis Okulski went into pretty great detail about why the original ad was fake. He wasn't wrong, but I'm sure Pepsi wasn't thrilled to have someone dissing their ad, which went viral like it was supposed to.

Gordon wanted to make sure Okulski realized he was capable of driving the way he was depicted in the ad, even if the original ad featured a stunt double.

So he gave Okulski a taste. Check it out:

Hat tip to Jalopnik via Awful Announcing
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yes this was