Jeff Van Gundy Says NBA Kept SVG Off the Air

10/23/12 in NBA   |   aaronjchung   |   264 respect

Blog Photo - Jeff Van Gundy Says NBA Kept SVG Off the Air
After reports came out that ESPN hired Stan Van Gundy and shortly thereafter, let him go - for no apparent reason - Jeff Van Gundy had his suspicions. 
“This is an organization (NBA) that’s treated me great,” Van Gundy says.  “But this raises interesting questions about what a (league-network) partnership means. You have to realize, as a fan, you’re not getting the whole truth. … It seems like there are certain people in each sport that (TV) can’t criticize, or you can’t criticize the league itself. That’s what impressed me when (ESPN’s) Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden criticized the NFL over replacement refs. That (Commissioner) Roger Goodell didn’t throw a hissy fit at ESPN was impressive.”
There are rumors that commissioner, David Stern, forbade ESPN from hiring SVG because of the negative commentary that he would portray on the NBA.  Therefore, ESPN let SVG go and replaced him with an in-house commentator – Jalen Rose.  Rose will now be the 4th addition, alongside Bill Simmons, Magic Johnson, and Michael Wilbon.
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