Jeff Van Gundy goes on anti-flopping rant

Bravo, Jeff Van Gundy, for this anti-flopping rant

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Blog Photo - Jeff Van Gundy goes on anti-flopping rantJeff Van Gundy is sick and tired of flopping in the NBA. So much so, that he went on a rant for over a minute about it while calling a Knicks-Heat game on Sunday.

Personally, I applaud him. Flopping really DOES ruin the game, and it's a cowardly move. I'd use stronger language, but this is a family site.

JVG's idea is a great one. He says the NBA should treat flopping like technical fouls. Flop a couple times, get fined and suspended.

It's definitely subjective, but everything else in the NBA is subjective as well. Wouldn't it be great to see a game without guys flopping just to get cheap fouls called on their opponent? Here's Jeff's rant:

Don't even think about flopping in front of Jeff Van Gundy [Awful Announcing]
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