Jenn Stuczynski Breaks Her Own US Women's Pole Vault Record

Higher Than Allison Stokke and Melanie Adams, But Not Hotter

5/19/08 in Track and Field   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Some female you've never heard of before went out this weekend and posted the second highest vault ever recorded and then broke her own record for an American pole vaulter.

Why haven't you heard of Jenn Stuczynski? Well, she's not as attractive as say Allison Stokke and Melanie Adams.

Stuczynski cleared 16 feet, 0 3/4 inches on Sunday, good for the US Women's record which she previously owned. Exciting, huh.

Why is it I'm posting about this record pole vaulting feat? To post pictures of Miss Stokke and Miss Adams, of course.

Now if either of these two beautiful women could just increase their vaults by a good foot, we'd have some marketing gems.

Andrea Adelson of the Orlando Sentinel laments on the fact that we want all our top females athletes to be attractive and strip down to bikinis for magazine shoots. And the problem is?

Part of me agrees and says sure, it would be nice if more females athletes for like Mia Hamm. Wildly successful, and never covered Maxim. But it's just nature of sports and marketing in general. Sex sells, deal with it. And this is hardly limited to just female athletes.

Anyways, good luck to Jenn who will give the US a great shot at a gold medal this summer and provide me several more opportunities to post on our favorite pole vaulters.

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