Jenson Button Wins Formula One's Australian Grand Prix In Melbourne
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Formula One's Opening Weekend Did Not Disappoint The Fans

3/29/09 in Formula One   |   CrazyC   |   5 respect

Today was an exciting day for Formula One racing fans.  The season opened in Melbourne, Australia with a new team to Formula One announcing its presence, Brawn-Mercedes.  Jenson Button and Rubens Barrichello walk away with a one-two win for the Brawn-Mercedes team.  Button's victory marked the 200th victory for a British driver. 

While Button drove a pretty flawless race, Barrichello was met with some challenges.  Barrichello fell to seventh place after he accidently activated his anti-stall device during the first lap and was later involved in a first corner clash in the race, but the dynamics of the race changed on the 55th lap for the Brazilian driver.  With only three laps left in the race, German driver Sebastian Vettel, who was currently in second place, collided with Robert Kubica as the Polish driver attempted to overtake Vettel for 2nd place.  The collision offered Barrichello the opportunity to slide into second place behind his teammate Button.

Reigning World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, started off in 18th position to fight his way to fourth place.  Hamilton was able to claim 3rd place in the Australian Grand Prix due to Jarno Trulli illegally passing Lewis while the safety car was still on the track resulting in a 25 second penalty and pushing the Italian driver from a 3rd place finish to 12th place.

After all that excitement, the title may now be up for grabs.  Several teams have filed an appeal that will be heard next month regarding the design of the Brawn’s diffuser, a component that governs air flow at the rear of the car.  Pending the outcome of this hearing, Lewis Hamilton may be taking home the first place trophy.
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3/31/09   |   richard_music   |   67 respect

Has anyone else noticed how that trophy looks like a giant Mercedes-Benz badge??

3/30/09   |   half_baked   |   849 respect

I like the new rule changes...the tire rule, the KERS device, and the pitting during yellow...hopefully it makes for more competitive races...

3/30/09   |   akecke   |   5 respect

 That takes some Schumacher skill to get from 18th to 3rd. It's also nice to see a new team step up early in their first season.

3/30/09   |   Benzim   |   2 respect

Congratulation to Button aftr a huge gap.

3/30/09   |   richard_music   |   67 respect

Hey Carrie, very good article. Short, concise and all the main stories put in. Well done! Just one very small point; the Brawn team is known as "BrawnGP" and not Brawn-Mercedes. The reason is that Brawn are only a customer, and have to BUY the engines from Mercedes.

For the others here, yes, due to the new regulations this season, overtaking will be easier. It was already shown at the first race in Melbourne. Lots of action, and not the usual procession that F1 used to have for the last few years.

3/30/09   |   aurorablo

kantwistaye wrote:
Its actually possible to pass more than a few cars during an F1 race??  Thats an impressive race by Hamilton.

I agree with you.Lewis Hamilton I think is the driver to beat!!

3/29/09   |   kantwistaye   |   4219 respect

Its actually possible to pass more than a few cars during an F1 race??  Thats an impressive race by Hamilton.