Jericho Scott, 9, Told He's Too Good To Pitch In His Youth Baseball League

The Wussification of America Continues

8/26/08 in LLWS   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Seriously, what is wrong with youth sports in this country. We've got one city discontinuing All-Star games because it hurts too many kids feelings, we've got others that have just stopped keeping score, and now this.

9-year-old Jericho Scott of New Haven, Connecticut
, was told he could no longer pitch in the New Haven Youth Baseball League. Why? He's too good.

Yep, not because he's too old, just because he's too good at the sport he loves. No more pitching for you.

Even worse, because his coach and team found this claim to be absurd, they sent Scott out to the mound for their next game. 

The right-hander has a fastball that tops out at about 40 mph. He throws so hard that the Youth Baseball League of New Haven told his coach that the boy could not pitch any more. When Jericho took the mound anyway last week, the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left, his coach said.

Officials for the three-year-old league, which has eight teams and about 100 players, said they will disband Jericho’s team, redistributing its players among other squads, and offered to refund $50 sign-up fees to anyone who asks for it. They say Jericho’s coach, Wilfred Vidro, has resigned.

Not to go all 'When I played little league, we used to play in 5 feet of snow,' but we've got some serious issues with youth sports.

One reality of life is losing. Losing is good for you, even when you're nine. It makes you work harder, set goals, and decide what drives you in life. You don't appreciate how rewarding winning can be, unless you've lost. In the big boy world, when you're too good at your job, you get rewarded, not punished.

At the very least, couldn't they have just moved Jericho Scott up a few age groups, instead of punishing him and his teammates because the rest of the league wasn't good enough.

9-year-old boy told he’s too good to pitch [Yahoo!Sports]

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8/26/08   |   Variant   |   1 respect

the opposing teams should have gotten on the ball and start smuggling in some 9 year old competition from the Dominican Republic....  J/K

8/26/08   |   mandisdad   |   12 respect

i have to agree with what everyone has said so far.  The whole attitude that "we should all be winners" is ridiculous.  I am all for teaching your kids to have fun when they are 4 or 5, but as they get older there is nothing wrong with competition.

I do have one question though.  If this kid is really that good, why is he playing in a "developmental, co-ed league"?  I'm thinking maybe it's the only league for his age group.

8/26/08   |   nyrangers   |   192 respect

what a bunch of little b****es.

8/26/08   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

the opposing team forfeited the game, packed its gear and left

Yup, nothing like teaching kids that when someone is better than you, just quit. That is the part that makes me the most upset.

As punishment for being such a wuss, the coach that had his team pack up and quit should have to stand in there and see if he can hit the kid. Then the kid should just bean him for being such a pansy.

8/26/08   |   Scott   |   53571 respect

The part of the article that disturbs me more is what the coach and parents had to say.  If the kid is truely being targeted because he turned down an invitation to join the defending league champions, then the league as a whole has completely tarnished the image of what little league sports is all about.

8/26/08   |   RichmondSpider

If your little Timmy is better than my little Johnny then he can't play... don't hear the kids screaming, just the overweight parents trying to regain their youth...  and the packing up and leaving the field - the coach shouls have his ass kicked and then he should  be removed... what happended to coaching your kids to hit a pitcher like that - or can they only hit something that is lobbed over the plate...

8/26/08   |   RunningDawg   |   248 respect

That is horrible.  Those league officials should be ashamed of themselves.  I have coached youth baseball for many years, and if we ever had to face a very hard thrower; I dusted off the "this is a challenge" talk before the game.  You know the one, we all face challenges and if you fail, while trying your best you have nothing to be ashamed or afraid of.  But we are not going to back down, we are going to go up there and try make them get us out, not quit! 

That family should just quietly take young Jericho and play with an AAU or travel team, not the "namby pamby everyone needs a hug sissy league" he is currently in.

8/26/08   |   g8rgrad00

I agree. There is something wrong in all of kids sports. The "let's all be winners just because you are hear and learning the sport," attitude really sucks! And I think it actually hurts the coaching as well. After all the advice the coach is suppose to give the team after a tough loss is what helps to mold the players into better people as the ygrow up!!

I think youths of any age, and playing in any sport, should be able to keep score and be proud of winning, and be able to learn and rebound from the agony of defeat.

Oh, almost failed to mention that I will be coaching my daughters U5 soccer team. We had our first practice yesterday, and I had several coaches come up to me and remind me to place some emphasis that we are all here to have fun and not keep score!

8/26/08   |   pennjersey_jimmy   |   47 respect

(Edited by pennjersey_jimmy)

The one thing that pisses me off the most about this story is when this kid took the mound the other team packed up its gear and quit.

I do think this kid should move up an age group, but to quit because you have to face him?

What does that teach your kid, When things get hard pack it up and quit?  Just as Critical Fanatic put it in the article you have to learn to strike out sometimes and learn from your mistakes or how to tackle adversity.  What if the 1980 USA olympic team just gave up because its no fair that the soivets are using professionals?  That is what sport is all about doing your best no matter what the odds.