Jerry Jones discusses arrest with Dez Bryant during Dallas Cowboys training camp

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsUntil now, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones had avoided going into detail over Dez Bryant’s misdemeanor arrest on Class A family violence charges. Dez Bryant was arrested on July 16 following a 911 call from his mother who accused the wide receiver of assaulting her.
Jerry Jones revealed in a radio interview that he was furious with Dez Bryant following the arrest and was waiting for his temper to cool down to calmly broach the matter with the wide receiver.
"One of the reasons is I didn't want to talk to him emotionally," explained Jerry Jones during the interview. "That was one of the reasons why I haven't talked to him because I was disappointed… As a daddy, sometimes you're not supposed to spank when you're mad. Like I said the other day, I wanted to get my information, but I also wanted to get my mind right so we could have a good talk about things."
Within a few hours of that statement, Jerry Jones felt he was prepared to confront Dez Brant on his recent arrest, which had served as a distraction for the rest of Dallas Cowboys.
Dez Bryant had been working out at training camp since the past two days and yet there had been no word on the arrest from Jerry Jones. Even Jerry Jones noted that Dez Bryant was going back on track with the offseason practice and was putting-in a lot of practice despite the painful blisters on his feet.
"He's been very impressive," stated Jerry Jones. "And he's working hard.... He's practicing lights out. He's practicing really well."
 However, Jerry Jones had no thoughts on the effect of his talk with Dez Bryant or how the situation may workout.
"I don’t have a feeling one way or another, but we have talked," said Jerry Jones. "But we have talked and we have talked extensively. We had a great visit."
Dez Bryant is still awaiting a response from NFL following his arrest. According to violation of the league’s personal conduct policy, Dez Bryant can land a suspension or fine. Dez Bryant is also awaiting a response from the Dallas district attorney’s office, which is pursuing certain charges against the player. Due to the legal issue, Dez Bryant has been unable to discuss the arrest publically.
An affidavit of non-prosecution was field by Dez Bryant’s mother last week in the case registered against Dez Bryant by the DeSoto police. The affidavit indicated Dez’ Bryant’s mother is unwilling to follow him up with charges for the assault. However, the matter is still being deliberated by the district attorney’s office.
"They ask that there not be a rush to judgement concerning their family," delivered an attorney for the Bryant family in a issued by his clients last week. "They also ask for your continued prayers and support for their family as they work through this matter."
The Dallas Cowboys player’s have been supportive of the 2010 draft’s first-round pick Dez Bryant, following his arrest.
"Some things happen off the field but you can't let that carry over onto the field," stated linebacker DeMarcus Ware. “Guys are 100 percent behind him, always talking to him and being there for him."
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