Jerry Jones: expects “success” not “hollow” talk from Cowboys

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Dallas Cowboys general manger/owner Jerry Jones fiery threats could be directed inhouse anytime soon after the team lost 38-31 to the Washington Redskins on Thursday. In fact, the Dallas Cowboys’ defeat forced Jerry Jones to take back a few of his early season playoffs predictions and reassess his threats to the league’s top teams. Given the teams’ current performance, Jerry Jones labeled the offseason delusions of grandeur nothing more than “hollow” talk.
After receiving their third consecutive season loss, the Dallas Cowboys have slumped to a 5-6 record which puts any postseason hopes into serious jeopardy. The Dallas Cowboys failed to comeback from a 25-point halftime deficit, marking their fourth straight home game loss in which they trailed the Washington Redskins by double digits.
"That would be real difficult right now because you would have to point to things like comebacks, and that's hollow when you are not winning the game," said Jerry Jones. "Or last week, we win one (against the Cleveland Browns) and we have to come back to win it, but we don't win it playing well.”
“So that's hollow right now."
Jerry Jones’ faith in the Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett hasn’t been shaken-up yet. He noted that the Jason Garrett coach hasn’t “lost the team” and is still able to motivate his players into putting-in a lot of hard work. However, Jerry Jones demands results from one of NFL’s to franchise’s which has only won a single playoffs game in the last 15 seasons, with six different coaches trying to bring the prize home.
"I don't want to be talking about looking through. Our expectations were to compete for the playoffs and then whatever else we can get when you get there, compete form,” stated Jerry Jones.” We know you've got to be playing well when you get there. We've had some setbacks on some injuries, but that's not the difference out here right now at all."
Jason Garrett is leading the Dallas Cowboys with a personal 18-17 record, and the record just keeps going progressively downhill each season. The Dallas Cowboys were 5-3 with Jason Garrett as interim coach in 2010, 8-8 in his first year on the head coach job and are 5-6 with five regular season games left.
New Orleans Saints suspended coach Jerry Jones has been involved in coaching rumors with the Dallas Cowboys.
"Yeah, I expect success," said Jerry Jones when asked if a potential lack of success could provoke changes across the organization. "Now, I don't have any implied or anything that I've said, 'Success, a level of success, or else.'”
“I'm not going there and haven't – and haven't gone there in my mind.”
But Jerry Jones is pretty clear on his expectations from the Dallas Cowboys and their projected goal.
"I expected to come in here and win today,” said Jerry Jones. “And I expected to win again and to win again.”
And despite the Dallas Cowboys’ status quo Jason Garret shares his boss views, which has so far kept Jerry Jones from making any changes.
"What you have to do is you have to focus on how we do things,” said Jason Garrett, “and ultimately if you do things well with the right kind of people, we feel like we're going to get the results that we all want.”
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