Jerry Jones is endorsing Jon Bon Jovi as a part owner of the Buffalo Bills

Jerry Jones wants Jon Bon Jovi to buy the Bills

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Blog Photo - Jerry Jones is endorsing Jon Bon Jovi as a part owner of the Buffalo BillsJon Bon Jovi is already a very recognizable name among NFL circles. He's obviously a famous musician, and is great friends with New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

Now, it's being rumored that he might be interested in an increased role in the league, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would love to see that happen.

Jones is excited about rumors that Bon Jovi might be part of a group seeking to buy the Buffalo Bills, whose owner passed away in March.

"He knows many of the owners, personally. All owners know of him. But he knows them personally. He's committed, he's very genuine. You talk about individuals and talk about their qualification -- there hasn't been anybody more qualified to be involved in sports ownership, or certainly ownership in the NFL, than Jon Bon Jovi."

Bon Jovi would be a nice coup for the Bills and the NFL, and it could bring a little extra excitement and marketability to a franchise that has been struggling for nearly two decades.

It could also result in a bit of a power shift in the AFC East. If this happens, don't be surprised to see Bill Belichick leave the Patriots as soon as Tom Brady retires, and be handed a front office gig with the Bills. You heard it here first.
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