Jerry Jones says Los Angeles is “Closer Than Ever” to getting a football team

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June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks during a press conference after minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY SportsGood news, Angelenos!

Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys, was asked about bringing a team to Los Angeles and had some encouraging remarks for the city’s residents.

He said of how close the NFL is to establishing a team there:

"Closer than ever -- ever being since they left, which has been a long time much to my surprise and anticipation. There are some viable ways for a team or teams to be in Los Angeles. We've got some very talented and very qualified people that want to be a part of it that are not a part of the league right now. We, obviously, have people within the league that want this very much. I think we're closer. I say that not just wishing. I say that, technically, because I'm aware of some things that make sense... How long does it take to build a stadium? I know how long it took to build one. The other thing is that there's certainly ways to do it without having a stadium ready. Those are some moving parts but you have to have the commitment [from the team], which for the people that make those kinds of commitments it starts that day for them in a serious way. I wouldn't want to give you a timeframe on it but I do think that the commitment and the substance with that commitment is right around the corner. There are no misgivings at all about it. [Farmers Field] has outstanding people involved. Phil Anschutz is an outstanding individual and would be an asset in any way for any group to be involved with and he has quite a sports background and quite a background in venues so that project. I'm actually involved in a company that just hired the lead guy that was involved in putting that Farmers Field project together so all those people have a lot of talent. It's not a negative. It's a plus. I've never, ever been a part of any meeting or committee ever that didn't want, as quickly as we could, to get a team in L.A. I've heard that that could be a threat to people moving their teams out but that's not right. We've always preferred to get a team here."

That’s about as many encouraging words as you could hope for coming from someone with knowledge of the situation.

It’s always seemed that the main problem in Los Angeles has been the competing stadiums: the downtown Farmers Field and the City of Industry field.

Talks will heat up again during the NFL season, as usual, and hopefully a deal will get done sooner than later, since it will take years before the building is finished.

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