Jerry Krause defends the triangle offense; criticizes David Kahn for not using it right.

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 Jerry Krause defends the triangle offense; criticizes David Kahn for not using it right.

Former General manager of Chicago Bulls, Jerry Krause, has defended the triangle offence system he so famously helped put together and believes that David Kahn has no idea how to make it effective. David Kahn is the current Minnesota Timberwolves general manager and opted to use the system last season but failed rather miserably.

Jerry Krause was the GM of Bulls when legendary Michael Jordan was at the Franchise and used the triangle offence to gain a lot of silverware. It was Krause who brought Phil Jackson and Tex Winter in Chicago Bulls. Winter was the maestro behind the Triangle offence and used the system to guide the Bulls to six NBA World Championships.

Given the quality of Michael Jordan and his colleague Scottie Pippin, Bulls tore defenses apart using the system and no body came close to the side for nearly a decade. Phil Jackson then left the club to join up with LA Lakers, where he won the NBA title 5 times using the same system. Again, he has the quality of Shaquille O’ Neil and Kobe Bryant at his disposal, who fared well with the system. However, a lot of clubs have failed using it to their own advantage, as it requires certain types of players which are really hard to find.

Krause was often criticized for not fully understanding the system, most notably by Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson. However, no one can deny his efforts of supporting Tex Winter in his pursuit to perfect the system and brought in players like Steve Kerr and Dennis Rodman to fully complete the triangle offence.

GM at the Timberwolves tried to repeat a cheap version of the history, as he hired an unknown Kurt Rambis as coach. Rambis was a student of Phil Jackson and Kahn insisted on using the triangle offence at the franchise. The plan back-fired, largely because of Kahn not understanding the requirements of the system. At least that is what Krause think what happened.

 “But when you take on the triangle, you have to have your whole organization geared toward it. It takes a very specific kind of player to play in it. I saw the Minnesota guy [GM David Kahn] hire [Kurt] Rambis, after he took two players in the draft who couldn’t possibly ever run the triangle. I have no idea if Rambis is a good coach or not, but [Kahn] screwed him right off the bat,” stated the former Bulls GM.


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