Jerry Sandusky’s Victim 1 goes public, considered suicide due to delay in sexual abuse trial

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Jerry Sandusky will soon serve time behind bars but that doesn’t erase the searing memories of sexual abuse that his young victims endured at the hands of a man who was supposed to be a mentor and role model.
Thorough the course of the trial, Jerry Sandusky’s victims have maintained their anonymity from fears of being discriminated and humiliated. However, a young man publically known as Victim No.1, whose testimony triggered the sexual abuse investigation, has finally stepped forward.
“Victim means people feel sympathy for you, I don’t want that,” stated Victim No.1, originally named Aaron Fisher. “I would rather be somebody that did something good.
Victim No.1, originally named Aaron Fisher, spoke of his traumatic experience and revealed that he even contemplated suicide due to the delay in the prosecution of Jerry Sandusky on child sexual abuse charges by the authorities.
“I thought maybe it would be easier to take myself out of the equation,” confessed Aaron Fisher. “Let somebody else deal with it.”
Aaron Fisher reported the sexual abuse in 2008 but the state attorney general’s informed him that they needed testimonies from more victims before they could legally charge Jerry Sandusky.
The former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was arrested last November and convicted in June for 45 counts of abusing Aaron Fisher and nine other victims (seven of whom testified during the trial). Jerry Sandusky is up for a 30 to 60 years of prison sentence.
Aaron Fisher testified at the trial that Jerry Sandusky approached him through a summer camp organized by The Second Mile, a charity founded by the coach for at-risk youth.
Soon, Aaron Fisher then 11 started staying over nights at Jerry Sandusky’s residence in State College, nearly 30 miles away from his own home in Lock Haven. What started as nightly back rubs and kissing quickly progressed to oral sex.  Aaron Fisher tried to avoid Jerry Sandusky but there was no escape.
Several testimonies by other victims reveal that Jerry Sandusky used the basement to sexually abuse other boys too who stayed overnight at his house.
In a soon to be published book titled "Silent No More” Aaron Fisher mentioned that once, when he was being sexually abused in the basement, Jerry Sandusky’s wife Dorothy called out to him from upstairs but the coach replied he was busy, after which she dropped the subject.
Aaron Fisher reveals in his book that Dorothy Sandusky "never went down to the basement."
Aaron Fisher was 15 when his mother initially approached the school officials about the sexual abuse but the principal dismissed the claims stating that "Jerry has a heart of gold and that he wouldn't do those type of things.”
"They tell me to go home and think about it," recalled Aaron Fisher.
Later, the school officials reported Jerry Sandusky to Clinton County Children and Youth Services, which started an investigation on the sexual abuse claims and alerted the stated police.
Nearly three years later, Jerry Sandusky still proclaims his innocence against the charges and against multiple testimonies. Jerry Sandusky even refused to testify at his trial in support of those claims.
The 68-year-old Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola, who filed documents at court claiming his client received an unfair trial due to short-fall of evidence against him, is trying to overturn the coach’s conviction. He contests that the alleged sexual abuse victims in the Jerry Sandusky case could have been motivated by “financial motives.”
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