Jerry Sloan pulls out of head coach race for Charlotte Bobcats

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After a recent announcement of narrowing down its’ list for potential head coach to three candidates, the Charlotte Bobcats president Rod Higgins announced on Friday that they are even closer to a decision.
However, it wasn’t the Charlotte Bobcats who crossed off another candidate for the head coach job. In fact, the 70-year-old Jerry Sloan his name from consideration for Charlotte Bobcats’ head coach. Nonetheless, it was a surprising move by Jerry Sloan considering the Hall of Famer was a front-runner in the competition. Jerry Sloan boasted a 22-year NFL career; 19 years coaching the Utah Jazz, leading the team into two NBA Finals. It can be safely said that Jerry Sloan was the only finalist on Charlotte Bobcats’ three-man list who packed head coaching experience. Still, Jerry Sloan refused to give further details.
 “They were wonderful and there were no problems,” said Jerry Sloan.” I just took myself out.”
Rod Higgins confirmed on Friday that Jerry Sloan will be no longer running for the Charlotte Bobcats’ head coach job.  Rod Higgins down played Jerry Sloan’s exit from Charlotte Bobcats’ head coach search.
"It's all part of the process and I'm sure it's happened before," said Rod Higgins.
However, he was hopeful about the two remaining finalists Brian Shaw and Quin Snyder, who are both coaching assistants with the Indiana Pacers and Los Angeles Lakers respectively.
"They are impressive candidates," Rod Higgins expressed about the two candidates.
The two reaming head coach prospects, as well as Jerry Sloan had gone through a second series of interview with the Charlotte Bobcats and franchise owner Michael Jordan just last week.
However, Rod Higgins did not eliminate the possibility of the Charlotte Bobcats conducting further interviews in their search for the ideal head coach; and answered the question with a “maybe.”
"I want to be as transparent as possible but at the same time there are certain things we want to keep private," continued Rod Higgins.
The Charlotte Bobcats have already been through a lengthy process to determine a head coach for the franchise, ever since Paul Silas was over looked for an extension in April. It has been a strenuous path to two candidates, when the Charlotte Bobcats initially began with 10 candidates.
"We interviewed quite a few people and we're just making sure we have the right fit for us," stated Rod Higgins.
The Charlotte Bobcats had been in a rush to get a head coach in place after the confirmation on No.2 and No.31 overall draft picks on May 31, and especially as the first workout for draft prospects inched even closer. This week Rodd Higgins took a different path, declaring it could “take a little longer.”
Whoever lands head coach with the Charlotte Bobcats will be on a mission to rebuilding team. The Charlotte Bobcats became the laughing stock of NBA, ending 7-59 last season, the worst in the league.
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