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8/8/09 in MLB   |   bobjrinaz   |   84 respect

This article is more of a diary that I will be keeping on Derek Jeter.  As the rest of the season unfolds I will track impartially what Jeter has done wrong and right.  Then we can truly decide as of current if Jete sucks or if hs does not suck.  Doing this more for myself as I am getting tired of hearing Jeter sucks.  Jeter is this, that, and all negatives.  That to me is hogwash but current facts are what counts.  Let us see what Jeter has done for the Yankes lately.

Thursday 8/6 vs Red Sox - 1 for 5 with one RBI and no errors.  Middle part of one double play.
Friday 8/7 vs Red Sox - 1 for 7 with one run scored and no errors.  Middle part of two double plays. 
Saturday 8/8 vs Red Sox - 1 for 5 with 1 run scored and 2 RBI's and no errors.  Middle part of one double play.  Intangible and instinct, taken out on DP but calmly steps over slider and makes DP look easy.  No attempt to do anything dirty.  All class.

Jeter's average has dropped but when big games are up, the intangibles are what count.  There was some good pithcing for at least half of the last 3 game set on both sides.  I will continue to track and see that now, when the games count, what Mr. Jeter does for the Yankees and head down the road of does he suck or doesn't he. 
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