Jets, Sanchez and Tebow Crash Against Giants

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Aug 10, 2012; Cincinnati, OH, USA; New York Jets quarterbacks Tim Tebow (15) and quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) stand on the sidelines during the first half against the Cincinnati Bengals at Paul Brown Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Frank Victores-US PRESSWIREIf you’re a Jets fan and you watched the game against the Giants last night, you can’t be happy. It’s certainly fair to say that the 26-3 result in favor of Eli Manning’s squad doesn’t matter since it was just a preseason game, but there is no denying that Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow looked god-awful.

Normally, in a quarterback competition, you want one quarterback to outperform the other. But, for this QB battle, it might just come down to which quarterback isn’t as terrible.

Which quarterback was worse last night? Let’s take a look at the numbers.

Sanchez was 9/11 for 59 yards and Tebow was 5/14 for 69 yards. Yeesh.

Well, the reason Sanchez had a completion percentage over 80 percent was because he essentially just threw screen passes and dink passes as can be seen by the incredibly low yardage total, but Tebow loses here. You can’t have a 35 percent completion percentage; he was the only quarterback in the NFL last season to have a completion percentage under 50 and last night’s performance isn’t a sign that he’s getting better.

In terms of the eye test, even though Sanchez threw an interception, Tebow loses again. He had a wide-open Stephen Hill in the end zone 30 yards away and he short-hopped the ball. Any other quarterback in the league would have connected on that play to get six points.

At the end of the day though, the most important number is points scored and that’s where Tebow edges out Sanchez.

Due to his awful throw to Hill, he was only able to get a field goal for the Jets, but Sanchez wasn’t able to score any points except negative ones. His pick-six led to the Giants getting seven points and that had to be a nasty reminder for New York fans who remember how terrible the Jets offense was last year at allowing defenses to score against them. In 2011, opposing defenses scored seven touchdowns from the Jets offense either fumbling the ball or throwing an interception.

Now, you can argue that Sanchez had a harder challenge since he was going up against the Giants’ first-string defense and Tebow only had to play against the second and third-string defenses. But Sanchez had the first-string offense on the field during his drives while Tebow was going into the huddle with substitutes. It might not even out perfectly, but there is no excuse for Sanchez throwing another pick-six.

One positive that Tebow fans can take away is that the Jets didn’t run the Tebow spread-option offense last night. They have to be saving it for the regular season, so teams can’t start preparing for it yet and running that offense is where Tebow is at his best.

As for fans who solely care about the Jets, they have to be impressed by how the first-string defense played last night, only allowing six points (which is ironically less than the seven that the Jets first-string offense gave up). 

With two more preseason games to go, the Jets have a lot of room for improvement. Hopefully Santonio Holmes’ health will not be a factor once September hits and he can get on the field to get some reps before the Jets open the season against the Buffalo Bills on September 9. Otherwise, it will be even harder for New York to get off to a strong start this season.

While Holmes might not be able to put the Jets offense on his back when he returns, if last night revealed anything it’s that points are likely going to be hard to come by and the Jets offense needs every weapon on its roster to be at its disposal especially its best receiver.
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