Jets and Patriots fashion the Mother-of-all-Matches in Blockbuster fashion

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The New York Jets are backed into a corner with two consecutive defeats on the road. In this state, Jets coach Rex Ryan likened his team to a cornered tiger. Ryan told media that a tiger was most dangerous when it was cornered, therefore he expected his men to resurge and defeat their archrivals, New England Patriots this week.

Ryan also said that the match would be a face-off between him and Patriots coach Bill Belichick. He compared the showdown to a couple of time-tested boxers getting ugly in the ring. Ryan also said that the encounter would be hyped up because of the traditional rivalry between Jets and Patriots.

In a press conference on Friday Ryan stated, “From a competitive standpoint, that's like facing the world champ.” He continued, “You know the only way to beat him is you've got to be at your very best, then we'll see. You want to compete against the very best. Certainly, with him, he is the best coach out there -- may go down as the best coach in the history of the game -- but I'm going to take my swing at him.”

The match is scheduled at the Gillette Stadium, which would further amplify the animosity between the two sides. Fans might as well gear up for a couple of confrontations. Fans from Oakland and Baltimore are currently reliving the time when the New Yorkers were thrashed on two different occasions.

 In the Friday press conference, Ryan was asked if the greater Boston area will provide a more tranquil environment for Mark Sanchez and Co. Ryan responded with, “Very calm. Please. We know what that one's like. That's brutal now. When you go up there -- it's good, that's the way sports are supposed to be. They let you have it now, for some reason ... me maybe a little more than others.”

He continued, “You would think you'd feel the love ... but for some reason, I don't sense that when I get there.”

Just because of statements like these all fans can hope for the blockbuster clash they expect every season. When the Jets enter the arena against the Patriots no one would remember first four weeks of the season, all that would matter would be the outcome of the clash between them.

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