Jets looking to trade up for QB, likely Geno Smith

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For those of you who play fantasy sports, I'm going to throw one of my favorite scenarios out there for you: you're debating between two players to draft, settle for one, then the other is available when you make your next pick. Hopefully, we've all experienced the pleasure of having that happen. If not, take my word that it's a fantastic experience.

I can only imagine what it would be like to have that scenario happen in reality, but the New York Jets may experience it first-hand on Friday night.
Blog Photo - Jets looking to trade up for QB, likely Geno Smith
With the 13th overall pick, the Jets reportedly "debated" the idea of selecting quarterback Geno Smith. They ultimately ended up selecting defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson. Shockingly, Smith made it through the entire first round without hearing his name called, and he is now near the top of draft boards for a lot of the struggling, quarterback-needy teams selecting early in the second round. The Jets, who reportedly have Smith as their top-ranked quarterback, have the 7th selection in the second round. They could roll the dice and hope that their man falls to them, but the Jaguars, Eagles, and Cardinals could all very well swoop in on Smith before the Jets get a chance. As a result, the Jets are said to be seeking a trade that would move them into a better position to lock up Smith.

The team to jump here is the Eagles, who a lot of people thought were a candidate to select Smith with the 4th overall pick in Round 1. The Jaguars have the first pick of the round, so the Jets obviously can't get ahead of them, and there's a strong chance that moving ahead of the Cardinals still won't allow them to get Smith. The Lions are actively shopping their 36th overall pick, but it's one spot behind the Eagles, so it would likely do the Jets no good.

The 49ers are the only team that pick between the Jaguars and Eagles, but they already have a plethora of picks in this draft (they only gave up one third-round pick to move up in the first round). Considering they don't need more draft picks, the 49ers' asking price could be too high for the Jets.

With Mark Sanchez still penciled in as the starter for Gang Green, the Jets certainly could use a long-term upgrade at the quarterback position. However, if the Eagles are interested in Smith - which many believe they are - I think it will be very difficult for the Jets to get their guy. They may target a quarterback other than Smith, such as Ryan Nassib, if they stay put in the draft order.
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