Jets players support to keep coach Rex doesn’t matter in the big decision

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsAs New York Jets coach Rex Ryan’s tenure heads into its completion, the players have been quick to come forward and express their support for the coach. Players from all positions have stated that Rex is the coach they want and also the one they need. They have repeatedly said that he has changed the team and is a coach who can lead the team properly.
It is true that Rex has brought quite some change to the team. He is definitely a coach who can assert himself a leader not through brute strength but a charismatic character. He has changed the mentality of the Jets to fight in every match and not to give up. The players rally to his call and follow whatever plan he has in store for them. So naturally, they want him to stay and will do whatever they can to show that they want him around as the coach. And that includes coming out to give their share of views on what they think of him, which has all gone in favor of him.
But the real question is whether all the players support for Rex will mean something in the long run when the franchise makes the decision. And the answer is no. When the owner Woody Johnson who is a fan of Rex and the GM John Idzik, who isn’t a fan of Rex sit down and make a decision, they will not think about what the players want. They will evaluate by statistics and see whether Rex has been good or bad for the franchise. They will see what they need and make the decision. And in case they think Rex is done for the run, the players will not be able to do anything to change that decision.
This Sunday the Jets will face the Cleveland Browns at the MetLife Stadium and already out of playoff contention, there will not be much of a crowd to go and see the match. This is the third time in a row the Jets have missed the playoffs and that isn’t good for Rex. Idzik is already looking forward to changing Rex so if he has to call it chances are Rex will be leaving.
The players might like Rex but that isn’t the issue when choosing a good coach. Coaches are supposed to make players productive and train them to play better football. Many players in the league hate their coaches but when asked what they think of them apart from personal feelings, they admit that they are excellent coaches. Which all means that even though the players might want Rex, he might not be the one they get.
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