Jets re-claim Braylon Edwards off waivers

Braylon Edwards heading back to the Jets. That should solve everything.

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Blog Photo - Jets re-claim Braylon Edwards off waiversYou'd better hire some extra security, New York City bar and tavern owners. Braylon Edwards is coming back to town, having been claimed off waivers from the Seattle Seahawks and now slotted to rejoin the receiving corps of the New York Jets.

Edwards was released from the Seahawks on Monday. He'd played in 10 games this season, catching 8 passes for 74 yards.

But now Braylon Edwards has been claimed by the New York Jets, his home during the 2009 and 2010 seasons. This marks the second time that Jets fans will get treated to that special Braylon Edwards magic -- that kind of magic where Edwards makes some memorably acrobatic catches on poor throws, but drops all of the incredibly easy throws that even your Aunt Tillie could have caught cleanly.

Edwards' reunion with the Jets is particularly awkward, considering that a mere eight days ago he tweeted disparagingly about the Jets' front office. In a Twitter post defending Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez, Edwards wrote, "Don't blame Sanchez. I played there. Blame the idiots calling shots. Mark is a beast and will probe it when given a proper chance."

Blog Photo - Jets re-claim Braylon Edwards off waiversOkay, he meant "prove it when given a proper chance". You can imagine that Internet commenters had a little fun with that one.

There has been little fun on the Jets' offense this season, paving the way for Edwards' return to New York. The Jets are 6-7, and have lost top receivers Santonio Homes and Stephen Hill to injury. Their less-than-outstanding quarterback situation has been the butt of a few jokes.

The Jets play the Titans this week on Monday Night Football, so you'll have a chance to see Edwards with his new/old team.

The New York Daily News' Jets beat writer Manish Mehta writes on his Twitter page that, "I've been told not to rule out the possibility that Braylon Edwards could be more than 3-game rental for the Jets."

Sort of like the 3-game rental of extra security staff that New York bars will need with Braylon Edwards coming to town.
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