Jets won’t run Wildcat due to Tebow’s injury

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When the New York Jets acquired Tim Tebow in March, he was supposed to add a new dimension (Wildcat formation) to the team’s offense. But since, Tim Tebow has served a minor role and with rising concern over setting back his recovery from two broken ribs, the New York Jets are also eliminating the Wildcat plays from their offense for now.
Tim Tebow has not played the New York Jets last three games since sustaining injury to the ribs in Week 10 against the Seattle Seahawks. During Thursday’s practice Tim Tebow has been limited, as he had over the past several weeks. However, Tim Tebow said that his ribs injury is “slowly” improving with regards to its response “from running to exercising to throwing.”
"I think he's improving," said Rex Ryan. "Improving to where you're going to run the powers and the counters and all that other stuff? I'm not sure about that."
While Rex Ryan feels better with Tim Tebow playing No.2 quarterback as he gives the New York Jets “more opportunities” compared to third-stringer McElroy (how could too be active against Tennessee Titans), the coach still didn’t want Tebow running too much, putting him out of wildcat role and featuring as punt protector on special teams.
“I don’t really see him in that (punt team) role. As far as the wildcat obviously (not) with the ribs the way they are,” said Rex Ryan. “Hopefully once we get the OK with those ribs we can expand that but that’s probably not necessarily going to be a big factor in our game plan.” 
So, if starting quarterback Mark Sanchez goes down at any stage in the game, Tim Tebow is expected to play conventional offense. Tim Tebow hasn’t always been viewed as a conventional quarterback since his messy mechanics have garnered more success outside of the pocket in wildcat formation. But despite the low-key experience, Tim Tebow believes he can handle the New York Jets’ offense.
“Everyone thinks the whole time in Denver we had this read triple option. I mean, it started with no read plays,” said Tim Tebow, “a few weeks later it was one, maybe two, maybe three, then you have a few option plays — but that was five, 10 percent of our game max.”
“We did a lot of other plays from under center, shotgun — just normal football plays,” continued Tim Tebow. “So it wasn’t just the read-option. I can do other things other things than just read a defensive end.” 
Tim Tebow is looking to improve on a season which disappointing to the expectation his as well as the New York Jets’ expectation – and now the role that was supposed to mark his identity on the offense with the Wildcat play has been sacked due to ribs injury. But Tim Tebow is hoping “to find the good in every situation.”
“Sometimes you have ups and downs and just try to deal with them as best you can… You have to take everything in stride. You try to handle everything the best you can,” said Tim Tebow. ““They’re all learning opportunity and when you believe everything happens for a reason it makes it a whole lot easier.”
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