Jim Calhoun to retire after 26 years of coaching Huskies

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UConn coach Jim Calhoun has put up with a lot of medical issues over the last few years but has never wavered in the face of difficulty, always promising to make things right that initially took a turn for the worst under his supervision. But after fracturing his hip at the start of this season, Jim Calhoun has called the quits on coaching at a crucial juncture for the Huskies after the NCAA declared UConn ineligible for the 2013 season last year following poor academic results.
Although UConn sought a waiver revealing improved academic results in 2011-2012, it was still rejected by the NCAA, resulting in five academically struggling Huskies’ departure from the university.
Neverthless, Jim Calhoun, who led the Huskies to three national championships during 26 years of coaching the team, had long sought a successor to his job and finally found his man in UConn assistant coach Kevin Ollie. After spending 13 seasons in NBA, Kevin Ollie joined UConn in 2010.
Towards the 2011 postseason, UConn had 11 straight victories, paving the way for their ninth ranking in the Big East.
The 70-year-old Jim Calhoun has 873 wins for his 40-years of coaching. Jim Calhoun led the Huskies to three national championship titles (1999, 2004 and 2011) as well as inclusion with the four teams in the Final Four.
Jim Calhoun had intended to retire right ahead of the new season just like Dean Smith, who left North Carolina prior to the 1996-1997 season.
After being hired by UConn in May 1986, Jim Calhoun won a NIT title into his second year of coaching. His teams also claimed victories at Big East regular season championships and Big East tournament titles by the ratio of ten an seven respectively.
The Huskies were onto a 34-2 record n the 1999 season and achieved their first NCAA championship by defeating Duke with 77-74.
The 2004 season was another highlight of Jim Calhoun’s successes after the Huskies ranked No.1 by the end of the 2012 season after defeating Georgia Tech 82-72.
In 2005, Jim Calhoun made it to UConn’s Basketball Hall of Fame and missed eight games due to intense back pain. Jim Calthoun eventually has the back surgery the same year after missing four games and leading the Huskies to a 20-14 record and a loss to Iowa State during the first round.
UConn’s dominating streak at the Final four under Jim Calhoun was broken with a single loss to Michigan State at the national semifinals in 2009. Additionally, Jim Calhoun also skipped the Huskies’ first NCAA tournament game that season after being hospitalized due to dehydration.
Health issues have been a recurring problem for Jim Calhoun, who missed 11 games due to medical issues and left another 29 for unspecified reasons. The three-time cancer survivor has also faced prostate cancer in 2003 and skin cancer twice, with most recent occurrence in 2008.
During May 2010, the NCAA announced the program had committed eight violations of its rules, which included allegations that student-athletes were given unfair benefits, and the coaching staff not only improperly contacted recruits but also handed out free game tickets to high school coaches and several other individuals. The conclusion was drawn upon a 15-month investigation into UConn’s recruiting of Nate Miles, who was expelled without having a chance to play for the Huskies in October 2008.
Jim Calhoun was cited for failing to up-hold an atmosphere of compliance within the program. Jim Calhoun still had two-years remaining on his contract at the time of retirement.
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