Jim Cordle stepping in to as centre, Bass out for season

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Already down one offensive lineman for the season, the Giants received more bad news about their offensive line on Wednesday.
Guard Chris Snee was ruled out of the season due to a hip injury. And now their center has gone too.
The New York Giants are already in trouble with their offensive line and this season hasn’t gone even close to as they had planned it. They have lost one offensive lineman and have to brace for more bad news now. Their center David Bass is now placed on the injured/reserve list after sustaining a knee injury when the Giants won the game against Vikings on Monday. He will be sitting out the remainder of season.
“The doctors showed me that a linebacker whipped into my leg or something like that. I didn’t even know that it was almost a touchdown catch [by Hakeem Nicks],” Baas said. “I had no idea, because I got hit and obviously went down to the ground and then got back up and limped off.”
The season wasn’t already going well for Baas and the bad news just keeps coming. He was absent from the season opening game of the Giants owing to a sprained knee sustained during preseason and had to leave after a neck injury when the Giants faced Carolina Panthers. He didn’t play the Chicago Bears, Kansas City Chiefs or the Philadelphia Eagles. Now out for the remainder of NFL 2013 season, both the Giants and his career will take the toll. He is replaced by Jim Cordle.
Cordle wore the No. 64 jersey when practice started. Baas wears the same number and it seemed that he didn’t forget his teammate and wanted others to remember him too. When asked, he says that it started with a simple mix up.
“I didn’t even realize [I was wearing the wrong jersey] until I was out there. Then I was like, ‘You know what? I’ll pay tribute to him for a little bit,’” he said, “and you guys left, and I had one of the equipment guys get the jersey.”
Cordle said that the equipment guys might have mixed up the jerseys.
“I said, ‘This was in my locker, and I don’t know where mine is.’ The guy said mine was in his locker,” said Cordle. “The equipment guy put the jerseys in wrong. I thought it was fitting that I’d wear his jersey for a little bit.”
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