Jim Schwartz about to ink a multiyear contract with the Detroit Lions

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Blog Photo - Jim Schwartz about to ink a multiyear contract with the Detroit Lions
Officials from the Detroit Lions have confirmed that head coach Jim Schwartz has been offered a multiyear contract extension by the franchise. Jim Schwartz, who had just one year left on his deal with the Detroit Lions, was expected to engage into contract negotiations this summer.
This news barely comes as a surprise although as fans and Detroit Lions administration was expecting Jim Schwartz to gain an extension on his lifeline with the franchise.
On Friday night a spokesman from the Detroit Lions, Bill Keenist talked to reporters about the details of Jim Schwartz contract. Although, Bill Keenist offered various information about Jim Schwartz contract he did not disclose the details of the new multiyear contract.
Detroit Lions chairman and owner are extremely impressed with the progress the team has made under Jim Schwartz. The 46-year-old coach inherited the Detroit Lions three years ago after they recorded 0-16 in a regular season.
Since then the Detroit Lions have gradually grown stronger. Last season, Jim Schwartz led the Detroit Lions into the playoffs, which is a huge achievement for a team that wasn’t able to win a single game in a season three years ago.
 Jim Schwartz, who came to the Detroit Lions in 2009, won two games in his first season, six games in the second season and 10 games last season.
Jim Schwartz is an expert when it comes to defensive tactics which he probably picked up during his seven-year long career as the defensive coordinator of Tennessee Titans.
Jim Schwartz started his NFL career in 1993 when he became a personnel scout for the Cleveland Browns. After two years with the Cleveland Browns, Jim Schwartz became a defensive assistant for the Baltimore Ravens.
After spending two seasons with the Baltimore Ravens (1996-98) Jim Schwartz transferred to the Tennessee Titans as a defensive assistant once again. The Tennessee Titans were so impressed by him that they offered him to become their next defensive coordinator just a season later.
From 2001-08, Jim Schwartz stayed with the Tennessee Titans as their defensive coordinator. In 2009, the Detroit Lions offered Jim Schwartz the position of head coach following a season without a single win.
Jim Schwartz took the challenge to lead the Detroit Lions to their first double-digit win since 1995 three seasons later. The Detroit Lions also acquired postseason action for the first time since 1999 last season.
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