Jim Schwartz the latest victim of the Tebow mania

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Quarterback Tim Tebow has turned into a cult figure for Denver, since he came into the driving seat of the Broncos. Many analysts wanted Tebow to get a chance but when he did no one expected him to be so successful.

Ever since Tebow became a part of the Broncos featured squad, he has not only turned into a sensation for the club but become a cultural phenomena by being the reason for the derivation of the term “Tebowing”, which is defined as getting on one knee and praying. It might be worth noting that the word is now an official part of the English language.

In his two-month reign, Tebow has led the Broncos to victory after victory. Tebow has actually produced 4 fourth quarter comebacks in eight starts this season. Presently, he is 7-1 in those starts. The only loss Tebow has faced was on a trip to Denver, where the Lions mauled the Broncos without an ounce of mercy.

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz told media in an interview that he hasn’t been a part of all the buzz Tebow has created but his stunning form and unique game play has coerced him into following him. Schwartz admitted that he was struck by Tebow mania that asked him to follow Thursday nights’ game against the New York Jets and Sunday’s encounter against the Chicago Bears.

“With the scrutiny that everybody’s under in this league and the interest in this league, people need stories other than who won and who lost,” Schwartz said. “Probably the biggest thing that the Tebow story does for me is that it just says ‘Hey, what’s the most important thing? Winning.’ And that’s the only stat that truly matters in every aspect of this game.”

Schwartz and Co. found the secret to stopping Tebow as early as Week 8 but since then no one successfully replicated their feat. The Broncos (8-5) have won 6 consecutive matches since their loss to the Lions.

“There are a lot of different formulas for winning in the NFL,” Schwartz explained. “Some people are going to outscore people, some people are going to win pitching duals, some people have different formulas. Theirs seems to be hang in there for 58 minutes and then win it in the last two and overtime.”

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