Jimmy Fallon hands out NHL superlatives

Jimmy Fallon handed out some unconventional NHL awards

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Blog Photo - Jimmy Fallon hands out NHL superlatives

NHL awards will be handed out shortly, but while we wait, Jimmy Fallon has decided to hand out a few superlatives of his own.

For some reason, Penguins players tend to be cross-eyed, or at least according to the pictures that Fallon managed to acquire.

Perhaps that's how they managed to blow a 3-goal lead against the Blue Jackets.

Here's the video of Fallon's hilarious superlatives:

Hat tip to Extra Mustard
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9/30/14   |   maoyufeng126

This is another game that would have been more interesting weeks ago.

4/25/14   |   spvfr   |   1 respect

This is really hilarious. How did he came up with these? - Lindsay Rosenwald