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Have you got your Christmas shopping done yet?  You better hurry if you don't.  As of today, there are only 6 months till the big day.  Time does fly when you're having fun.  As a halfway to Christmas present, the CFL will be kicking off it's season tomorrow night.  There's always something going on.

As you can tell, I'm not all that broken up about the Giants dropping their game last night.  Kershaw was Kershaw, and because I got better than advertised prices on the Reds (+105) and M's (-137) on Monday night, I'm still on the high side for the week even with the Giants loss.  The pile isn't as big as it could have been, but it's a pile all the same.

What does bother me is the way the Gigantes have looked.  This is a team that could do no wrong a couple of weeks ago.  I told you in the breakdown yesterday that they could still be a very fragile team even after winning the series in Arizona over the weekend, and that now appears to be quite true after watching the first 2 games of their set with the Padres.  The G-Men have been totally bewildered at the plate, and now they're showing some cracks in their defense as well.  That is definitely not a good formula for success, and meanwhile, here come the Dodgers.  Hearing footsteps isn't going to help the Giants cause either.  We shall see.

THE SHOW  (3-2 last night and 11-6 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (1-1 last night and 4-3 so far for the week)
Tigers (Sanchez -145) over RANGERS (SAUNDERS) - At this stage of the game and dealing with all the injuries they've had to endure, the Rangers are simply overmatched, but we know we don't make plays based solely on the shortcomings of one side.  Sanchez has been the best, most consistent starter the Tigers have, and there's no reason to think he won't continue that against what has become a "pop gun offense".

1,  Reds (Latos -130) over CUBS (JACKSON) - The situation isn't perfect, but you have to figure the the overall better team (the Reds) will prevail in the rubber game of the series.  I'm going to have to see more of Latos though, before I start jumping in with him.
2.  RAYS (PRICE -155) over Pirates (Morton) - I seriously considered moving in and trying to "steal" one with the early game today.  The Rays are at home and in danger of being swept in this series, but when it gets right down to it, I just don't trust David Price.
3.  D-BACKS (ANDERSON +105) over Indians (Kluber) - Just a "feel" here.  Anderson has been very good since jumping into that Snake rotation, and the Tribe is a horrible road team off a 14-inning loss in a game they had won 3 different times last night.

RUN LINES  (7-8 ATS, SU & TOTALS last night and 19-21/21-19/16-24 so far for the week)
Yankees (+1 1/2, O9) Marlins
BLUE JAYS PHILLIES (-1 1/2, U7 1/2)
White Sox (+1 1/2, U9) Reds (-1 1/2)
Tigers (-1 1/2, O9) Nationals
RANGERS BREWERS (+1 1/2, U7 1/2)
Twins Cardinals (-1 1/2, O11)
Red Sox Padres (+1 1/2, O7)
Pirates (+1 1/2, U7) Athletics
RAYS METS (+1 1/2, U7)
Dodgers (+1 1/2, U8) Indians
ROYALS D-BACKS (+1 1/2, U8 1/2)
ASTROS (+1 1/2, U8)  

---We have a tie showing up for the Pirates/RAYS matchup this afternoon.
---No TOTAL posted for the game at Wrigley yet, but I've got it at just a tick under 9, so if you see an 8 1/2, it should go OVER.  At 9 or more, I'd lean to the UNDER.

 BROOMOLOGY  (3-3 ATS & 1-5 SU so far for the week)

 Road Dogs  (2-0 ATS & 1-1 SU so far for the week)
Yankees (+1 1/2) at BLUE JAYS
Red Sox (+1 1/2) at MARINERS

Home Dog  (1-1 ATS & 0-2 SU so far for the week)
BREWERS (+1 1/2) vs. Nationals

Home Favorites  (0-1 ATS & SU so far for the week)
RAYS (-1 1/2) over Pirates
GIANTS (-1 1/2) over Padres

Another busy Hump Day here in God's Country.  Lots of running around to do, and need to try to get it all done prior to first pitch.  That seems unlikely though.  A guy can dream.  Have a great day.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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