Joakim Noah sent from bench for NBA dress code violation

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsJoakim Noah watched the Chicago Bulls from the team bench while sitting out his third consecutive game on Monday against the Indiana Pacers due to a plantar fasciitis. But even on the bench, the Joakim Noah attracted some (unwanted) attention.
Shortly after the start of the second quarter, an NBA personnel approach Joakim Noah, demanding he change his outfit, which was in violation of the NBA’s dress code. The NBA stipulates that players not in uniform and sitting on the bench during scheduled games should wear “business or conservative attire” to the arena. Joakim Noah was wearing a sweater over a white V-neck shirt and skinny jeans, topped by a sports coat.
The Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah said he didn’t realize his outfit would create issues per the NBA’s bench dress code.
"I don't even know really," said Joakim Noah. "They told me I wasn't dressed appropriately, so I changed."
Joakim Noah left the bench in the second quarter and returned some time later in the third wearing a black blazer over a blue stripped shirt. The black blazer reportedly borrowed of 6-foot-2 Randy Brown was inches short for Joakim Noah’s 6-foot-11 frame, revealing a lot of his wrists.
After the Chicago Bulls lost 111-101 to the Indiana Pacers, Joakim Noah acknowledged that it was the first time he had dressed in the relatively casual outfit Monday night which created issues with the NBA’s dress code policy.
"That's not really my style," said Joakim Noah. "But I want to be out there with my guys."
Apparently the NBA’s issue with the outfit arose from the sweater Joakim Noah was wearing underneath the sports coat, rather than the jeans. High-end denim have been allowed for sideline inactive players according to the NBA’s dress code policy, which was instituted in 2005.
With likely prevailing foot issues, Joakim Noah should do a double-check of his outfit before hitting the bench when the Chicago Bulls next play the Denver Nuggets on the road this Thursday.
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