Joba Chamberlain arrives at Spring Training with mustache

Hey everybody, come look at Joba Chamberlain's mustache!

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Blog Photo - Joba Chamberlain arrives at Spring Training with mustache

Take it in. Take it all in. Now quick, let's bust out some jokes at Joba's expense!

The Yankees have decided to send Joba Chamberlain, who's spent the better part of the past year coming back from a broken ankle, back to rehab in hopes of reversing his mustache. 

That's not a mustache, those are midge colonies that settled on Joba's face back in Cleveland in the '07 ALDS. 

The Yankees' policy on facial hair allows for neatly trimmed mustaches. In light of Joba's new mustache, the Yankees are being forced to reconsider their stance... on having Joba on the team.

Somebody told Joba he was competing for a roster spot against Ron Swanson. It's not looking good for Joba.

He's hoping Youkilis won't recognize him.

OK, that's all I have for now. Please feel free to pick up where I left off.

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