Joba Chamberlain tells Mariano Rivera not to shush him

Joba Chamberlain must have forgotten his place

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Blog Photo - Joba Chamberlain tells Mariano Rivera not to shush him

Mariano Rivera is a surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, and has shown an incredible level of class as he makes his way around the country in his final season before retirement. He has been meeting with employees of all opposing teams on every level, from clubhouse employees to wait staff, and giving them a chance to meet a living legend. He's proving once again that he's one of the classiest players in baseball, as he has shown over the entirety of his nearly two decades in Major League Baseball.

Unfortunately, one of his teammates doesn't quite have the same level of respect.

Joba Chamberlain, whose mother was caught dealing meth in Nebraska a few years ago (Happy Mother's Day, everyone!), got angry at Rivera when he was told to quiet down a bit so Rivera could hear reporters' questions during an interview.

Rivera said "Joba, suave" to Chamberlain, who was apparently talking pretty loudly to members of his family in the stands. When Rivera was done with his interview, Chamberlain approached him and told him "don't ever shush me again."

Naturally, Rivera thought he was joking. That's probably because a scrub like Joba Chamberlain should never speak to someone like Rivera like that. Ever. But Chamberlain insisted that he was serious.

"I'm serious," he assured Rivera. "Don't ever shush me."

Clearly, Joba Chamberlain doesn't know his place. When Mariano Rivera tells you to quiet down, you quiet down. Period. If you're a Major League pitcher, and Mariano Rivera tells you ANYTHING at all, you listen to him. This would be like Peter Gammons asking me to be quiet, and me telling him to never shush me again. That would be ridiculous.

Joba is fortunate to pitch for the Yankees and sit in the same bullpen as a legend like Rivera. He should probably try to learn a thing or two from him, instead of getting indignant when he's told to quiet down.

Is it a huge deal? No, of course not. But good lord, Chamberlain's a tool.
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maybe he did forget his place.