Joe Flacco: Raven’s losing-streak “starts with the quarterback”

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Hopelessly watching as the Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos offense tore down the Baltimore Ravens for their ninth straight win, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco had a moment of self-reflection. Seeing how a strong quarterback can change the tide of the game, Joe Flacco blamed himself for landing the Baltimore Ravens (9-5) in a three-game skid and a backtrack from a pretty strong playoffs run only weeks ago.
"I put all of it" on myself,” Joe Flacco said. “It starts with the quarterback. You've got to look at yourself and see what you can do better in order to make everybody else around you a little bit better."
With plenty of blame toss around, the Baltimore Ravens aren’t exactly looking to pin the responsibility of Sunday’s 34-17 loss to the Denver Broncos on one particular person. Although, they appreciate someone stepping and showing a little accountability.
"He's just that type of guy to take that responsibility," Baltimore Ravens wide receiver LaQuan Williams offered a different perspective. "He's a key leader in the locker room and he's going to put the blame on his shoulders. I respect that as a player."
However, Joe Flacco had a few slips in Sunday’s game that aren’t exactly Pro Bowl worthy either and do land him some blame. In a one particular interception at the Denver Broncos’ 2-yard line, Joe Flacco chased rival cornerback Chris Harris in the wrong direction all through the 98 yards, and almost tripped him up before miserably diving and landing face down at the goal line.
The moment lighted a disappointing undertone to Joe Flacco’s struggles in the past three straight losses over the last stretch of the regular season. Joe Flacco’s completed 54 percent passes compared to a career average of 64 percent. The 27-year-old Joe Flacco has been picked at least once in each game, and failed to produce over 200 passing yards in the showings against Pittsburgh Steelers and Washington Redskins. During Sunday’s loss, Joe Flacco completed only 50 percent of his passes for 254 yards, two touchdowns and one interception, while getting sacked three times in the game.
But a the bigger concern for the Baltimore Ravens has been the running game, which garnered just 56 yards on 19 attempts including 12 carries for running back Ray Rice. The Baltimore Ravens have been focusing on getting Ray Rice more carries, which inevitably resulted in a change at offensive coordinator with quarterbacks coach Jim Caldwell tacking over for Cam Cameron last week.
"If we execute at a high level. If we execute on third down, there's no doubt in my mind that I'm coming out of the game with 18-25 touches," Ray Rice stressed on raking more carries to offense’s early success. "But when you're getting three-and-outs and the other team is scoring, there's no time to hand the ball off to Ray Rice."
This glitch in the Baltimore Ravens’ game can be traced back to Joe Flacco, who was 2-for-5 passing on third-downs in the first half against Denver Broncos, and failing on each attempt to gain a first down. Joe Flacco also fumbled on third-and-1 quarterback sneak.
"It's not all on Joe," Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Tandon Doss argued. "Sometimes it's the wide receivers screwing up, sometimes it's the running backs. It's everybody. Joe gets the blame, but he can handle it."
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