Joe Flacco’s Dad speaks the bitter truth – Story of the most Boring son ever

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Blog Photo - Joe Flacco’s Dad speaks the bitter truth – Story of the most Boring son ever
And we have received the official confirmation on the topic – Joe Flacco is indeed the most uninteresting and boring quarterback in the NFL. Media has been ridiculing Joe Flacco for ages, but it’s the player’s father, Steve Flacco, who finally stepped out and confirmed that his 28-year-old son is indeed as ‘dull’ as the media portrays him to be.
Well, most of us suspected Joe Flacco’s dull nature all along. In spite of growing a bad ass moustache and leading the Baltimore Ravens to the Super Bowl, there is still very little that media can offer about Joe Flacco. That alone is proof enough for many.
Joe Flacco is perhaps best at throwing the ball deep. This skill alone gets a quarterback points for being awesome, yet Joe Flacco has somehow manages to enlist himself as one of the most lack lustrous quarterbacks in the NFL.
In a recent interview to the New York Times, Joe Flacco’s dad admitted his son was just not that interesting. You’d think Steve Flacco would counter with a joke or perhaps defend Joe Flacco against his earlier statement, but no.
“Joe is dull,” Steve Flacco told the New York Times in a telephone interview. “As dull as he is portrayed in the media, he’s that dull. He is dull.”
Truth be told, by revealing the bitter truth Joe Flacco’s father has done him more good than harm. For once, Joe Flacco will be in the spotlight for something other than his on-field performance.
Joe Flacco should receive a huge boost in his popularity if he wins Super Bowl this year. Joe Flacco cannot boast about a charismatic character, something that has played a big role in making Tom Brady and Peyton Manning popular.
However, consistency and success have become trademarks for Joe Flacco. Perhaps, a couple of lessons from Colin Kaepernick will see him excel in other departments as well. 
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