Joe Johnson Challenges LeBron James With A Seated 3 Point Shot

Joe Johnson Should Know Better Than To Challenge The King, When He Can't Even Beat Kevin Durant.

3/11/09 in NBA   |   Pat   |   5234 respect

Joe Johnson couldn't even beat Kevin Durant in HORSE GEICO, but now he's challenging the King, with this three pointer from the courtside seats.

Nice shot, Joe. But LeBron's half court lob wasn't too shabby either. Even if he did lose to some dorky white guy.

Joe Johnson Sitdown 3 Pointer... [BSO]
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3/22/09   |   streetballer123   |   3964 respect

Well, you have to start somewhere, don't you?

3/11/09   |   yanksawboy   |   8 respect

 Kevin Durant is an amazing player better than you Joe.

3/11/09   |   primo   |   1 respect

i think joe would actually put something more on the line than durant's trophy

3/11/09   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

I have respect for Joe Johnson, but if you get the cameras running a the right edited moment, I can sink that shot too!