Joe Nathan dresses up as Tony Romo before Rangers game

Was that Tony Romo in full uniform shagging fly balls and signing autographs at a baseball game?

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Blog Photo - Joe Nathan dresses up as Tony Romo before Rangers gameNo, Tony Romo wasn't in the outfield shagging fly balls for the Rangers before the game. That, in fact, was Rangers closer Joe Nathan.

He lost a bet to teammate Mike Adams, who predicted the Cowboys would beat the Giants in their NFL season opener. The loser had to wear the other team's colors before a game.

Nathan certainly made good on his end of the bet, perhaps even going a bit over the top.

He wore a full jersey, complete with pads, towel, helmet, EVERYTHING.

Nathan also signed autographs for fans during batting practice while wearing the full Romo uniform.

You have to wonder if fans realized whose autograph they were getting, or if some young kids thought that Tony Romo visited the park for a day, inexplicably dressed in his game uniform.

Kudos to Nathan for having a good time with it, even if it seriously impeded his fly ball shagging abilities, which appears to be the case in this picture.
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