Joe Paterno: Grambling Attorney Wants JoePa's Wins Vacated

Should Some of Joe Paterno's Wins Be Vacated?

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Grambling (La.) city attorney Pamela Breedlove has filed a request to the NCAA to vacate a chunk of Joe Paterno's Division I record 409 wins, according to The Sports Exchange.Blog Photo - Joe Paterno: Grambling Attorney Wants JoePa's Wins Vacated

On Friday, Mayor Edward Jones approved that the request would be sent through.

Grambling is the home of Grambling State University, where coach Eddie Robinson led the Tigers to 408 victories during his career, a total that was passed by Paterno less than two weeks before he was fired as the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal began to implode.

Breedlove believes the wrongdoing of Paterno in the Penn State defamation is a bad reflection on someone with similar coaching caliber and accolades.

"We just believe that you would want to associate the record with someone who had the character of coach (Eddie) Robinson," Breedlove said. "Especially now that we've come to realize how bad things really were (at Penn State).

"Even though it was done by outside counsel, the Freeh Report was the university's report," Breedlove continued. "It said what their employees, including coach Paterno, did wrong. We're hoping the end result of this is coach Robinson will get his record back so everyone will think a great man holds this record."

Robinson died in 2007 and had 45 winning seasons throughout his 56-year coaching career.

Although it is unlikely to happen at all, if the NCAA did decide to vacate some of Paterno's wins it wouldn't be anytime soon. But the argument would be: How many should be taken away?

Personally, if I were forced to decide the amount of wins vacated, it would start and end from the time JoePa was involved in the scandal: Based off the Freeh Report, he was made aware of the abuse as early as 1998.

From then until his firing in Week 10 of last season, the Nittany Lions compiled a 111-56 record. In this completely hypothetical situation, all of those wins would be erased, leaving him with a grand total of 298 victories to 136 losses and three ties (a 68.2 winning percentage).

If this were to happen, not only would his integrity be tarnished, but his coaching legacy would begin to fade as well.

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7/20/12   |   ML31   |   3675 respect

That's just stupid.  The man was complicit in allowing horrid things to go on but it didn't affect his coaching on the field.  Teams he coached still won those games.  It's unrelated. 

Just kill the program.  The real culprit was the warped religious style of reverence the entire community heaped on the football program more than anything else.  That was why this was allowed to go on for so very long.  Fire everyone and kill the program.