Joe Paterno should resign in midst of scandal

Joe Paterno should resign after season

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Jerry Sandusky, a former defensive coordinator under Joe Paterno, has been charged with sexually abusing eight boys across a 15-year period, and Paterno has been widely criticized for failing to involve the police when he learned of an allegation of one assault of a young boy in 2002.

Kim Jones is a Yankees reporter who is a Penn State alumni and former beat writer for the Penn State football and basketball team spoke on 660 WFAN to Mike Francesa about the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Jones went on to spoke about Sandusky, claiming “he was always around kids” and “he always had little boys with him.” She also alluded to rumors that assistant coach Mike Mcqueary witnessed Sandusky raping a young boy in the showers.

Kim Jones also spoke about how Joe Paterno had to have known everything, especially in 1998 when he was at the prime of his coaching career. She went on to express that she could not believe that Paterno could have known of Sandusky’s actions and not done anything about it. Jones said "I cannot believe the Joe Paterno that we have come to know and that I covered, I cannot believe that his heart is that black."

Evidence points to Joe Paterno having knowledge of the situation and doing nothing about it. Paterno claims in 2002 to have brought the situation to the attention of school officials, but failed to follow up on the allegations. There was also a report that in 2007 Jerry Sandusky showed up to a practice with a young boy, an incident that was failed to be reported.

If it is true that Paterno had knowledge of the situation and did nothing to stop it, his legacy could be ruined. A coach that has been with Penn State for 46 seasons and has produced tens of millions of dollars for the school and two national championships will most likely end his career with a tarnished reputation.

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Joe Paterno should have retired in 2002...right after his friend was caught banging a 10 year old boy