Joe Paterno to retire, will leave large uncomfortable shoes to fill

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Sources are reporting that Joe Paterno will retire at the end of the season. Paterno is set to make the announcement later today.

ESPN reports that Paterno will coach the 12th-ranked Nittany Lions in Saturday’s home game, their last home game of the season, against #19 Nebraska.

The decision is bittersweet. No one expected Paterno’s career to end on the note it has, but he is making the right decision to retire. Speculation that Paterno had knowledge of the Sandusky scandal and did not take the proper steps in preventing it will forever shadow his career.

Paterno will go down as one of the greatest coaches to ever work in college football. Starting with Penn State as an assistant coach, Paterno had a salary of $3,000 and planned on working for a year or two to pay off student loans from his education at Brown University. He will end his career with the second highest win total in college football history with at least 409 wins, behind John Gagliardi who holds the record with 483.

There was little chance that Paterno would ever catch Gagliardi, but now that chance is gone as his career will end after 46 seasons with Penn State. Thousands of Penn State students gathered in front of Paterno’s house Tuesday night to voice their support for the long-time coach.

The announcement is not just the end of a coaching career; it marks the end of an era in Penn State and college football history. It also marks a very dark point in the history of one of the most storied programs in college football. Everyone knew it would be a rough patch for Penn State the day Joe Paterno retired. No doubt Joe Paterno’s career would leave large shoes to be filled for the next coach.  But those large shoes have turned into uncomfortable ones that many coaches will cringe at wearing.

It will take Penn State a long time to recover from the scandal. Not only was Penn State football going to suffer recruiting-wise when Paterno retired, but combined with a scandal of this magnitude could lead to a prolonged dark period for the program. Paterno’s career will not be the only thing hitting a halt at the conclusion of the season. The program that Paterno spent 46 seasons building, too, will most likely die with his career.

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6/27/13   |   ujjalsen81

Joe has taken right decision. It's he who should take the decision. - Software Engineer

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The last I checked, this country still had "due process" as part of it's judicial system.  NO ONE...NO ONE, has been found guilty nor convicted of anything here.  This is not Soviet Russia or Nazi Germany, the accused is innocent until the prosecution is able to convince a public jury of their guilt!

All we have now are accusations and suposition.  A Grand Jury indicment is NOTHING but the prosecutions ideas  of what MAY have been done.  Those prosecutorial dogs must still PROVE their accusations are true.
 Who is this graduate assistant that made those calims"?  What is his name and how reliable are his statements?   What if any could be his adjenda.  Also, why has it taken YEARS for all of this to come out?  If it were so traumatic, why did it take years and years for these so called "victims" to speak out?  Who are these alledged victims?  Where are they and who are their families?  What issues and ajenda might they have with P.S.U., Paterno et al?   I call into question the validity of any statement made concerning the actions that supposedly transpired almost a decade or more ago?

   Please...I live near a city that is famous for it's prosection of those who were not granted the right of due process and who were condemed to death...on HEAR SAY and cirumstantial, if any, evidence.  It's called Salem, MA.  Also, it was not to long in this sorry nations past that black males were killed by an over zealous and ignorant population, again with out legal due process and Constitutional protection.  The southerners called that action..."lynching."

Do any of you wish to live in a society or nation not based upon law and rational, logical, civilized thought?  If anyone reading this were accused of a serious crime of any of your friends or family were accused, you know dam right well you'd be begging and pleading for  the protection of our legal system until ajudication had run it's course.

Just think about that for a second, before continuing to "think with your glands" i.e. emotions.  Nobody has been found guilty of any crime within the courts of our judicial system.  Thank God the jury of "public opinion" does not hold sway within the borders of the United States of America in regard to this case or any other of such a serious nature.

Whatever he knew and u know it!

11/9/11   |   derms33   |   17653 respect

later, you crazy piece of garbage.   How can you call yourself a mentor, a coach, a father?  I wouldn't want you to be any to me.

11/9/11   |   Mark_Guerrero   |   91 respect

Paterno got exactly what he deserved. To never coach a football game again. After he realized the AD done nothing about the situation paterno let it go as well. All the respect I had for this man has gone to trash

11/9/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

He has been fired good riddance!

11/9/11   |   kramer   |   11004 respect

jonsteven wrote:
He should be fired retroactive back to 2002 when he was told about the abuse and ignored it...

We don't know exactly what he did.  He said himself he wishes he had done more, but he says he told the athletic director and it never went any further.  I'm not saying he shouldn't carry some of the blame for it going unnoticed, but if he did tell the director and dean and nothing happened from that, they should be canned before JoePa.

11/9/11   |   jonsteven   |   1 respect

He should be fired retroactive back to 2002 when he was told about the abuse and ignored it...

11/9/11   |   Mark_Guerrero   |   91 respect

Retire my ass he shouldn't. Get to coach these last games get him out now!!

11/9/11   |   Soxfest   |   768 respect

He should NEVER coach another game.