Joe Vitt will go for lie detector to remove bounty scandal splash back

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The NFL is adamant in its ways and to silence the criticism as well as controversies arising from the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal. Thus, the league released a evidence on its case from a hoard of slideshows, emails and a 200 page compilation of proofs to the four suspended players and selective reporters. The evidence also includes references to the New Orleans Saints bounty payout ledger. It was such a piece of evidence that offended the New Orleans Saints assistant and currently appointed temp coach Joe Vitt.
Joe Vitt’s voice has joined the cries of justice from New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and Will Smith, Anthony Hargrove, and Scott Fujita. The four former and current New Orleans suspended players, Jonathan Vilma (for the year), Anthony Hargrove (eight games), Will Smith (four games) and Scott Fujita (three games), have already tried their hand at challenging their suspension. Joe Vitt, who had until now silently accepted his six game suspension for not taking the proper measure  so stop the bounty program is expressed he is behind the players and will do just about anything to protect his reputation.
A page from the evidence showed that the Joe Vitt supposedly put up $5,000 in the ledger to any player who could take out then Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre, in a 2010 NFC Champion sip game.
In the recent information released by the NFL to the NFLPA, and later to the media, there is an allegation made against me that is completely untrue and I cannot let it go unchallenged,” claimed Joe Vitt, in an official statement  sent to PFT by the New Orleans Saints franchise spokesman Greg Bensel. .
 “I did not pledge any money for any type of incentive program pertaining to the 2010 NFC Championship game,” continued Joe Vitt  Furthermore, I have never at any time pledged any money for any type of incentive program, or so-called ‘bounty’ program.”
In an attempt to clear his name Joe Vitt even offered to sit through a lie detecting test to settle the matter immediately.  Until now, the league had only imposed a suspension and the new allegation is far more serious. While Joe Vitt offered his full cooperation to the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell towards arriving at a conclusion to the status of the evidence and devising tactics that focus on players safety.
“Today I had a great conversation with the Commissioner and stated I would sign a sworn affidavit to this fact, or make myself available to take a lie detector, to immediately rectify this matter,” said Joe Vitt. To maintain his innocence “Also it cannot be emphasized enough, none of our players, particularly those who are facing suspensions, ever crossed the white line with the intent to injure an opponent. 
Joe Vitt only came under cross-fire on after the NFL tried to prove its case against the four suspended players. Later Thursday, Joe Vitt contemplated on the “authenticity” of the evidence.
"It looks like that document has been falsified or tampered with, said Joe Vitt regarding the evidence. “What kind of credibility do they have if they take documents like that and show it to players?"
That is a question the suspended players have asked before arbitrators and consecutively lost.
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