Joel Peralta gets caught with pine tar, Joe Maddon whines about it

Joe Maddon continues to expose himself as a complete fraud

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June 19, 2012; Washington, D.C., USA; Tampa Bay Rays reliever Joel Peralta (62) has his glove checked and removed by home plate umpire Tim Tschida in the eighth inning against the Washington Nationals at Nationals Park. Peralta did not remain in the game and never threw a pitch. The Rays defeated the Nationals 5 - 4. Mandatory Credit: Joy R. Absalon-US PRESSWIREJoe Maddon is a hell of a manager, but when it comes to any sort of rule violations, whether written or unwritten, he's a first-class jerk and a complete fraud.

Previously, his hypocrisy was featured with his reaction to a beanball incident with the Red Sox. This time, he's whining about his pitcher getting caught with an illegal substance in his glove.

Rays reliever Joel Peralta was ejected after being caught with pine tar on his glove during last nights game against the Nationals.

Instead of acknowledging that his pitcher was trying to cheat and got caught with pine tar in his glove, Maddon tried to point fingers to everyone else in the league, and basically insinuated that many others in the game did the same thing.

Maddon was asked repeatedly whether Peralta cheated, and he refused to give a clear answer. He accused Nationals manager Davey Johnson of "insider trading," because Johnson knew about Peralta beforehand, because of a previous relationship with him.

Much like the Patriots' SpyGate situation or the Saints' bounty program, it really doesn't matter how many teams or players have done it... if you get caught, you have to own up to it and pay the price.

In this case, it's Maddon's player who got caught, and he'll likely be looking at a 10-game suspension.

Here's the video of Maddon's post-game interview, in which he discusses the incident:

It would be nice to see Joe Maddon actually take the high road for once, but I'm not sure we'll ever see that from him.
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6/20/12   |   LACavsFan   |   106 respect

Thank you so much for writing this article. I couldn't agree with you more. I have been thinking the same things about Maddon for a while and it is so refreshing to see someone speak the truth about this guy when most people do nothing but praise him and give him a pass whenever he screws up. He needs to be held accountable like everybody else. Rules are rules and nobody has the right to break them. What Davey Johnson did was NOT bush league. Maddon's ridiculous reaction to being caught is what is incredibly bush league!!!!!!

6/20/12   |   scquwi1   |   1232 respect

I would not compare it to the so-called bounty system people are raving about. Madden yammers every time one of his players is accused and/or caught doing something wrong. Lets just call him Flavor Flav and give him a pacifier to suck on. Anyone who wants to yammers it was bush league or B.S. are suckers, for Peralta knew the Nationals knew about and took the chance by cheating while pitching against them. It would be different if Davey called Giradi and Showalter or Bobby V and told them Peralta cheats and to call him out on it.

6/20/12   |   The_Real_Stoney   |   25657 respect

Peralta did throw for the Nationals a couple years ago.  It's kind of a bulls**t move by Davey Johnson