John Buccigross: A Man Of Hockey

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Blog Photo - John Buccigross: A Man Of HockeyIt is not every day that someone gets to conduct an e-mail interview with an ESPN sports host/anchor.

As it turns out, I am someone who got that opportunity when I was able to conduct an e-mail interview with the great
John Buccigross.

John, a proclaimed huge hockey nut, was kind enough to take time out of his hectic schedule to tell us about how he became a hockey fan, his Bucci Over Time Challenge and how it became a hockey phenomenon on Twitter, and his love for pond hockey. 

PH: Growing up, how did you get into hockey?
JB: I liked every sport. Hockey was just another one. No different than football, basketball, or baseball.
PH: When you were younger, who were your favorite teams and players?
JB: My dad was a big Bruins fan so I lived and died with them. The entire team was pretty interesting. It was a good team to root for in the 70's.
PH: When you first started at ESPN, did you ever think that you would not only host a hockey show, but would also call college hockey games?
JB: Probably not. It's all turned out to be a great surprise.
PH: A few years ago, you started the Bucci overtime challenge? How did you come up with the idea for that?
JB: It was a game we played on the set of NHL2night when we waited games that were in OT to end so we could start the show. I just brought it to Twitter.
PH: Did you ever think that it would grow to a point where you have people from all walks of life playing it?
JB: No!!!!!!!!!!!! Huge surprise.
PH: In looking at both your Twitter feed and your
Hockey Life columns, it is clear that you love pond hockey. Where did that love come from?
JB: Once I started NHL2night hockey took over my life. So every aspect of the game became a part of me including outdoor skating. I obviously did it a lot as a kid on ponds and lakes.
PH: It is also clear that your passion for hockey knows no bounds. You can see it on Twitter, Facebook, your columns, photos, etc. how does this passion for the game continue to grow?
JB: The more people you meet, the more you love the game.

PH: Is there anything else you'd like to share with FanIQ readers?
uy a tee shirt!!! bucciovertimechallenge.com. I give lots of money to hockey charities.
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