John Harbaugh admits “I way overreacted” during blackout at the Super Bowl XLVII

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Blog Photo - John Harbaugh admits “I way overreacted” during blackout at the Super Bowl XLVIIThere was one man whose anger easily overshadowed everyone at the Superdome. The officials at the Super Bowl XLVII got to taste the wrath of Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh during the blackout. The 50-year-old coach spent a couple of minutes yelling at a stadium official on the sidelines before moving on to the on-field officials and giving them a piece of his mind as well.
After winning the Super Bowl and having a good night’s sleep, John Harbaugh realized that perhaps went too far. At his press conference on Monday morning, John Harbaugh apologized for his behavior and admitted his anger was excessive.
“The whole blackout thing, I way overreacted,” John Harbaugh said. “I was just concerned about some things that had to do with the headsets and coaches in the press box and if you have to bring guys down. It was really stuff that was never going to be an issue because they handled it so well. A total overreaction on my part and I feel bad about it. It was the one thing I look back on the game and I am disappointed in myself about, because I didn’t have very much poise in that moment.”
John Harbaugh didn’t give details about the reasons for his angry fit, but it appeared as if the San Francisco 49ers were getting an unfair advantage in the aftermath of the blackout because the power on the sidelines was still running. This allowed the San Francisco 49ers to use their sideline-to-booth communications. Meanwhile, the Baltimore Ravens were without communications system because of the blackout.
According to NFL rules, if a team has their communications system out of order then the other team isn’t supposed to use theirs. Interestingly, the San Francisco 49ers came out guns blazing after the blackout to record a comeback. Everyone thought they must have gained some kind of an advantage during the blackout, but John Harbaugh admits “they played great” after the power returned.
“It wasn’t anything to do with the blackout,” John Harbaugh explained. “The blackout had nothing to do with the game. The 49ers just outplayed us for a stretch. They played great. We did not, for a stretch of the game, but I was proud that our guys bounced back and finished.”
John Harbaugh also praised his brother, the San Francisco 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh for doing an excellent job with his team during the season and keeping his team focused on winning throughout the game.
“It probably gave them an opportunity to get their balance,” John Harbaugh said. “I’m not surprised. I don’t know that it would have taken that. I know the guy coaching them. I know how he competes. I know what he’s made of and therefore what their team is made of.
“There was really no doubt in my mind that they were going to do that at some point, and they were going to start throwing counter punches. They’ve got talent. They’ve got a great scheme and that’s what they did. It was really on us to stem the tide, which obviously we were eventually able to do, but man, they were throwing some haymakers at us, and they did a great job of that.”
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