John Wall Says Hes Faster than Russell Westbrook

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Blog Photo - John Wall Says Hes Faster than Russell Westbrook
John Wall has been playing with a lot of confidence as of late, so it is no coincidence that his interviews resonate with confidence as well.  When asked if he was faster than point guard Russell Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder, Wall made his answer crystal clear. 
“No, I'm going to say myself,” Wall said.  “It's tough man.  There's a couple fast guys in this league. He (Westbrook) is up there, Derrick (Rose) is up there, when he's healthy. Mike Conley's pretty quick. There's a couple guys. Ty Lawson's quick. So there's a lot of guys, but I put myself first.”
Wall did make deference to Westbrook in terms of achievements however.  “We're both young, athletic, fast point guards and that's very rare that you see that in this league,” Wall said. “I'm trying to take the same steps as he's taken, being an All-Star, making the playoffs and that type of thing, so that's what I'm trying to do. Give a lot of credit to how he's working and how he's helping this team.”
The speedy point guard was recuperating from a knee injury for the majority of the season, however, now that he is back to 100%, not only do the Wizards have a winning record when he’s on the floor, but he’s proving to everyone that he is one the most explosive point guards in the league.
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