Johnnie Morton receives two year probation for associations to money laundering case

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Even after retirement, former NFL wideout Johnnie Morton has been able to build up news. Reportedly, Johnnie Morton got involved with some bad company in the past and made some questionable decisions such as taking part in a few shady dealings.  When the law caught up with Johnnie Morton, he tried to evade the situation by denying any association with his former business associate. However, the legal department excels at disclosing the guilty. Thus federal authorities revealed that Johnnie Morton was sentenced to two years of probation for lying in front of a grand jury during an investigation into the criminal activities of his California business associate Neang Chhorvann.
Johnnie Morton acknowledged during a recent cross-examination that his 2009 testimony was based on false statements, especially when he denied being involved in any financial dealings with the Neang Chhorvann. The Internal Revenue Service, which is heading the investigation acknowledged the news.
Neang Chhorvann had received a sum of $2 million intended for investment from Johnnie Morton and had requested the former NFL player to ring up one of his business associates; to which  the 40-year-old readily obliged, pretending to be a prospective investor.
The 32-year-old Neang Chhorvann pleaded guilty on one count of money laundering at the U.S. District Court in Santa Ana during 2009. The charges against Neang Chhorvann also pointed towards a March 29, 2011 when Neang Chhorvann acquired a Lamborghini Murcielago through unlawful means.
However, Neang Chhorvann skipped court on the day of the sentencing, and since then the IRS has been hot on the heels of the fugitive. Neang Chhorvann could be face a ten year sentencing for failing to appear in front of the court and being on the run from authorities.
Johnnie Morton’s attorney Fred Heather contested that his client did not willingly give the alleged investment to Neang Chhorvann and in fact the money was stolen from him. Later, Johnnie Morton was forced to lie in front of federal authorities since Neang Chhorvann pressed his parents with death threats, which restrained him from submitting a truthful testimony.
"Johnnie's parents are the most important thing in his life, so when he was called to testify, instead of explaining he had had money stolen, he denied having a business relationship with Chhorvann," said Fred Heather.
The Prosecutors diligently tired to verify the basis of the alleged death threats but according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Waier they failed to confirm claims.
"We cannot substantiate those threats," stated Jennifer Waier.
Johnnie Morton is a former Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs player who played for the league through 1994 to 2005. Johnnie Morton was initially drafted 21st overall pick by the Detroit Lions in 1994 and associated with the franchise for eight years, but made only two appearances for the team. Through four seasons with the Detroit Lions, Johnnie Morton had more than 1,000 receiving yards, including a career best of in 2001 with 1,154 receiving yards. After a 12 year NFL career, Johnnie Morton totaled 43 touchdowns before retiring with the San Francisco 49ers.
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